The Last Of Us Teil 2

One of the best video games ever made gets a sequel that boosts on ns original in almost every way.


As “Death Stranding” illustrated last fall, die relationship betwee film und interactive storytelling is evolving punkt warp rate — particularly as “cinematic” video games continue zu explore ns various means that having actually a controller in your hands can complicate und transform the way we communicate with intuitive narratives. However no video game has ever wrestled v those complications more viscerally 보다 “The tonnage of Us teil II.”

We had actually a emotion that might be ns case. Die writing has actually been spray-painted on the wall due to the fact that 2016, wie man game studio cheeky Dog announced the it was developing a sequel to ns most revered title of its generation. Set in what’s left of a post-apocalyptic America 20 years after a mutant strain des the helminth cordyceps fungus jumped species und laid waste to human civilization like a spore von blue mold bruising with a loaf of bread, ns action-adventure game asks players kommen sie control a erbitterter man called Joel (Troy Baker) as he reluctantly escorts a defiant 14-year-old girl from boston to Salt Lake City, whereby Ellie’s (Ashley Johnson) unique immunity to the plague can be used kommen sie make a cure.

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From the unforgettable geldstrafe punch des a prologue to the shattering ethik ambiguity des its final minutes, “The tonnage of Us” broke down the emotional barrier that had always limited videos games kommen sie a frivolous distraction instead von a legit narrative form. This wasn’t nur Sephiroth death Aerith bei “Final Fantasy VII,” john Marston conference his maker punkt the end of “Red dead Redemption,” or mario discovering that the Princess was in another castle. No, this was a video game that — through die raw humanity of its performances, die grace of Neil Druckmann’s writing, the flickering heartache des Gustavo Santaolalla’s etc score, and the player’s complicit role an pushing Joel zu a place nur beyond forgiveness — earn favorable comparisons kommen sie the mögen of “Children des Men” und “The Road.” that is plot obtained as much from standard post-apocalyptic fiction as its horror and stealth gameplay mechanics did from “Resident Evil” und “Metal equipment Solid” respectively, but ns creative vision and technical prowess von Naughty Dog’s mannschaft crafted die whole point together into in experience more emotionally affecting 보다 any zombies movie ever made.

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On June 19, however, naughty Dog will do what no other videos game studio or filmmaker has been able to accomplish in the seven years des zombie-related fiction because “The tonnage of Us” came out — relax something better. While ns gaming industry’s omerta-like approach to embargoes pressures us zu keep mum ~ above many des the specifics zum the time being (especially bei regards to the game’s plot, which shouldn’t it is in spoiled anyway), it’s safe zu say that “The tonnage of Us part II” is a staggering achievement bei almost every way; its enormous story inflames ns scar left von the ende of ns previous game in a way that feels necessary even if the won’t ever heal, the experience von playing through it zu sein like gift implicated into die dark heart of a great undead horror movie, und should earn Druckmann a clues alongside george Romero und Stephen könig as one des the undisputed masters von the genre.

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Stay tuned weil das a deeper evaluate once ns game has been played. In the meantime — zum nervous fans of the erste game, world who want to schutz the inside scoop top top HBO’s next significant sci-fi show, or anyone looking weil das the incentive to sink their teeth into something truly one-of-a-kind — here are seven spoiler-free reasons why “The belastung of Us teil II” was worth the wait.