in my recap von the last episode, ich wrote of how The Man bei the High Castle often sagged most damagingly an the Juliana und Joe subplot and how the arc essential something drastic kommen sie happen zu inject part life into it. Well, this episode finally came through, as The Man in the High Castle reached the midway point of the season with the grausam death of joe Blake. The einer who was torn betwee the Resistance and the Nazis chose the wrong side, trying zu violently convince Juliana zu join die Reich. Notfall only was she not about to lead er to Tagomi, yet she finally knew that joe Blake had zu go. Through his hands roughly his bleeding throat, Juliana watched die life leave Joe’s eyes. What walk this mean zum the endgame des this season? (Other then we won’t have to suffer through a liebe triangle through Wyatt, Juliana, und Joe. Say thanks to God.) It wollen be interesting to find out.

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“The new Colossus” was stronger than an average episode des High Castle prior to its momentous ending. It had actually themes! (It helps to schutz a writer favor Wesley Strick helming the script.) This episode was about atonement and liability. For the former, both Frank und Joe seek atonement for their past sins und crimes. Offen is doing deshalb within his Jewish community an the Neutral Zone, preparing for his bar Mitzvah. Joe thought he could stärke his way to atonement, offer as ns Reich’s assassin und forcefully bring Juliana zurück into his life as a way to repair his damaged existence. And almost every arc featured liabilities in this episode. Frank is one zum his community; Juliana was one zum Joe, and vice versa; Helen zu sein one zum John Smith; Nicole und Thelma’s sexuality wollen be one zum them; und George Lincoln Rockwell learned the trusting J. Edgar Hoover was his biggest liability, but auch late kommen sie do anything about it.

Let’s anfang there as a subplot that felt like it could stretch all season had some remarkable developments. George Lincoln Rockwell and J. Edgar Hoover moved into their end game und accused john Smith des treason. After Edgar burst right into the schmied home und matched a missing button found punkt Alice Adler’s home zu Helen Smith’s jacket, castle felt favor they had actually all die evidence, deshalb throwing forward ns revelation that john Smith planned to spirit his child away to another nation instead of having er killed zum illness. Rockwell set it all out bei front von Himmler und Smith, only zum Hoover kommen sie stab him in the back. A fast flashback revealed that john Smith to reduce a file on Hoover’s desk just before the meeting. Two can play at that game, and it’s easy to imagine what john Smith may oase been able kommen sie dig trost on J. Edgar Hoover. Every little thing he found, Hoover sold out Rockwell, that ended up nearly having actually what the Yale kids call a Devil’s Triangle an Havana prior to getting a knife through his rib cage. Now, john Smith has actually a faithful servant in Hoover, however Himmler blieb makes clear that Helen Smith ist a liability that needs to be managed.

As if the isn’t stressful enough for John Smith, he so attends die strangest presentation imaginable, one in which nicole Dormer und her crew of nazi Mad guys propose destroying die Statue des Liberty and replacing it with something referred to as “The new Colossus,” a massive gedenkort to thomas Smith bei New york Harbor. It aussehen horrifying, but The Man an the High Castle zu sein often weist its most interesting wie man it’s this ambitious, arguing a world that is deshalb drastically various that the Reich wants to blow nach oben one of America’s many enduring symbols. It’s precious noting that nicole seems to be on top von the welt right now, acquiring positive responses indigenous Himmler und company top top her film work und starting a relationship with Thelma Harris. There’s no means that ends well.

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Meanwhile, Ed und Robert are blieb stranded in the middle des nowhere ~ marauders stole your truck last episode. Ed convinces robert to come back to Denver v him, showing ihm that he hosted on zu the john Wayne belt buckle the they bought last episode. It wollen be exciting to lakers how they incorporate this two rückseitig into die narrative if they never leave the Neutral Zone.

Same goes weil das Frank Frink, that almost looks like he is going to leave his community and return to the Japanese Pacific States, however he’s convinced zu stay by his friend Sampson and a vote from his neighbors that provides it clear they’re willing zu protect him.

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Finally, there’s ns scene. After ~ spending all of belastung season apart, Juliana Crain and Joe Blake were reunited this year yet too viel had happened kommen sie both von them zum it to work. Sure, there was more intense sexual chemistry than ever, yet Juliana most likely heard Tagomi’s voice an her head, encouraging her to mistrust the nazi who come out of the cold. Joe wasn’t very good at hiding his violent, ulterior motives from Juliana, also allowing her to discover his an enig files while he “took a shower.” nur as she placed them away, he emerged from die bathroom, gun in his hand, aggressively pointing the at her head. Did that think he could use violence to keep Juliana in his life? probably he no realize just how independent she had actually become since he left her. He orders herstellung to take him to Tagomi und then to die High Castle, und she responds über going into die bathroom und finding something with which zu cut joe Blake’s throat. Goodbye Joe.