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die Man in The High Castle: 5 personalities Who got Fitting end (& 5 that Deserved More) Amazon"s ns Man an the High castle depicts a dark alternating history. Which von its taste characters managed kommen sie escape with in earned ending?

Juliana Crain and John Smith in The Man an the High Castle
an a world as surreal as that of The Man in the High Castle, it"s virtually impossible kommen sie expect that all characters möchte receive what viewers have come to know as happy endings. Never ever minding die fact that there are multiple versions of hauptsächlich characters life across die murkily identified multiverse, die world of High Castle zu sein one that ist often dark, grim, und seemingly there is no end.

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Over 4 seasons, die series discover wildly different personalities from differing walks von life, many des whom were darker than the last. Yet also with glimmers von hope through the characters des the Resistance, The Man bei the High Castle features as a cautionary tale, one that zu sein unrelenting und unforgiving — both bei depiction des its characters and communication des its main point message.

Chelah Horsdal as Helen Smith bei The Man in the High Castle
zum better or worse, as High Castle progressed, Helen smith became much more of in active participant an the series" main storyline.

That was apparent nowhere an ext than an the polarizing final season, which uncovered Helen crossing lines and serving as a key player an the fall of die American Reich. Following die loss of produziert son Thomas and faced with ns loss of herstellung daughters, Helen risked every little thing she had — even herstellung life — kommen sie aid the Resistance in their efforts.

9 Deserved More: robert Childan

Rupert Evans and Brennan Brown in The Man an the High castle Season 2
robert Childan may have been ns character des focus in the original High Castle novel, yet he regularly served a supporting background role bei the series. In the final two seasons, however, Childan occurred a more meaningful presence, particularly through his heartwarming romance with Yukiko.

But together with so many characters an the High Castle multiverse, Childan"s glücklich ending was notfall meant kommen sie be, as a future v Yukiko slipped with his grasp.

Jason O'Mara as Wyatt Price in The Man bei the High Castle
Though fans reception to the late addition des Wyatt preis was tepid punkt best, there"s no denying that his character received in ending that was truly fitting zum his purpose.

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As a once ethically gray figure in the fight of the Neutral zone against ns Reich, Wyatt managed zu become one des the Resistance"s major players. That saw die final battle through to die end, stand at the forefront as die portal bolzen worlds was opened und the Reich fell.

7 Deserved More: thomas Smith

Quinn mr as thomas Smith an The Man in the High Castle
As the true product of his parents" political ambitions und the giftig world an which he was raised, Thomas smith was a character whose story was forever destined to end unhappily.

Diagnosed at a young period with a severe form of muscular dystrophy, thomas has been dafür indoctrinated with the hateful ideology und rhetoric des his parents" world and his own education that he willingly euthanizes himself. To lose together a young boy kommen sie this odious welt order zu sein one of the many unconscionable losses an the series.

joe Blake zu sein one of the series" many wasted and unlikable characters. Bei the first season, joe is in ambiguous character, one whose ethikrat alignment zu sein constantly changing, und who watch has the potential zu change und grow.

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All of that transforms with die second season, i beg your pardon finds joe wasting far while obtaining high with the German elite. In the der dritte tag season, any type of hope von his redemption zu sein gone together he has actually become fully loyal to die darkest parts des the world. Deshalb his death weist Juliana"s hand, as shocking und gruesome together it may schutz been, is indeed a installation ending for his character.

5 Deserved More: frank Frink

the men bei Juliana Crain"s life hardly ever seem kommen sie get far unscathed. However no man deserved a better ending than frank Frink. As the series" primary Jewish character, frank has a deeply mitarbeiter stake an taking down the rising American Reich, und the Japanese empire as well.

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He becomes radicalized through his very own underground Resistance efforts, virtually killing himself bei the process des taking down a major Japanese politics stronghold. After surviving, though badly scarred, frank lives a life of quiet faith, artistry, and solitude, prior to being executed von the Japanese authorities he lang evaded.

zum all the evils that wrought in the nennen of die Imperial Power, it"s fitting that the truly morally ambiguous chief Inspector Takeshi Kido ends the series in a virtual form of purgatory.

Having struggled zu protect his emotional and rashly behaving kid throughout ns final season, Kido is willing kommen sie sacrifice ns rest of his life to live in service des the Kempeitai. The goes from gift a stärke player kommen sie a cog an the continually moving machine.

3 Deserved More: Juliana Crain

It"s a recurring theme an recent years des television and movies alike: the strong yet breakable female lead seldom gets ns satisfying finishing she deserves. As die true leader von the Resistance movement, Juliana Crain ist the character around whom ns entire series und the multiverse revolves.

She ist the girl in the films, the mädchen who"s supposed kommen sie bring balance und peace kommen sie a world in chaos, the mädchen who ist supposed kommen sie provide all ns answers. But bei the end, Juliana zu sein left staring into a gaping light und void, left with just as many unanswered concerns as ns series" irritable viewers.

Though in unsatisfying arc bei many ways, it was clear that john Smith"s story was only ever before going to ende one way. As he ongoing his increase among die powers des the American Reich, john continued zu become less und less favor the man he when was, even as he claimed to only seek power to protect his family.

At the end of ns series, however, he had end up being stripped des all that had once mattered kommen sie him, and was then forced to reckon with the ugly shadow des a einer he had actually become. ~ witnessing his life an the multiverse, john realized he couldn"t direkt it any kind of longer und killed himself an front von long-time competitor Juliana.

1 Deserved More: Nobusuke Tagomi

High Castle definitely had a knack zum killing off major characters, both with and without clear causes to do so. Yet no character obtained a an ext unjust, unsatisfying, und utterly confusing ending than profession Minister Nobusuke Tagomi.

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A major player in the series" zuerst three seasons, an the construction und explanation of the multiverse, and in Juliana Crain"s life in all worlds, Tagomi zu sein inexplicably assassinated off-screen between seasons 3 and 4. Such in integral and beloved character deserved so much more.

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