The Masked Singer Didi Hallervorden

Palim, palim, i in the chameleon: actor und cabaret artist dieter “didi” hallervorden resulted in a vast surprise in the proSieben zeigen “the masking singer”. Die 84-year-old was actually under ns costume des the light-footed chameleon, together he revealed ~ above Tuesday evening. Die audience had given him too couple of votes before – deswegen the mask had kommen sie be removed. Wie Hallervorden peeled out, over there were open mouths und incredulous looks an the studio. “Yes folks,” stated Hallervorden when he removed die mask. “So bei front of you ist a member of the danger group.”

Many spectators had actually suspected that ns 84-year-old had actually really been responsible zum the appearances des the prancing spiel lizard zum weeks since his voice was reminiscent of Hallervorden’s snotty style. But practically nobody believed it. Ns big question was: kann sein you jump deswegen agile punkt this age?

“Absolutely continued to be a kid even in old age”

One can. Hallervorden deshalb had a simple explanation weil das this: “30 percent good genes, 40 percent an excellent nutrition and another 30 exercise.” He enjoyed the show immensely. “In mine deepest heart, ich stayed absolutely son even bei old age,” that said. “Life ist determined über two things: birth and death. Und you should use ns meantime. “

In recent weeks there oase been adventurous theories about who ns chameleon might be. They followed die pattern the someone bei a costume imitated Dieter Hallervorden – together a double deception, so to speak. Luke Mockridge (31) tapped musician citizen Lars Dietrich (47) in a ahead show. Dragqueen Conchita Wurst (31) relied top top actor und comedian michael Kessler (52) top top Tuesday evening. When die secret was out, one was collectively perplexed. “My knees room shaking. I’m completely at the end, really, ”said juror Ruth Moschner. “There is a legend on phase here.” bezugnahmen Matthias Opdenhövel (49) fell to his knees.

Du schaust: The masked singer didi hallervorden

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Hallervorden is known as in actor, cabaret artist and from his slapstick series “Nonstop Nonsens”. He has currently made music, but bei a an extremely idiosyncratic way: with Helga Feddersen he sang the nonsense lied “Du, ns tub zu sein full” (excerpt: “Let’s go in and climate be mine”). In the cumulative joke memory von the Germans, he immortalized himself with his legend “Palim, Palim!” indigenous a sketch about a “bottle von French fries”. But he also fought against the Gaga image zum a lang time. “Didi” was perceived as a personality actor only late, weil das example in Til Schweiger’s “Honey in the Head” or punkt his Schlosspark Theater bei Berlin.

Keeping his participation in “The masked Singer” an enig was not easy, stated Hallervorden. An the Schlosspark Theater, the entire team probably guessed. He nur pretended zu be stupid towards his mother-in-law. Die woman ran into die basement to fetch die TV magazine and show ihm where this ominous program was running, an which celebrities singing bei lavish costumes.

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Hallervorden failed an the show, in which he sang the last song “D.I.S.C.O” by Ottawan, nur before the letzte the complying with week. There are blieb four costumed celebrities in it: ns rabbit, die dragon, ns fuzz and the sloth. Over all, ns unmasking von “Fauli” is eagerly awaited über many viewers. Die speculation persists that it could be verweise Stefan Raab (53).

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