The masking Singer (ProSieben): After sonja Zietlow’s participation bei the TV show, RTL zu sein angry v his moderator. Are you now threatened with the termination of the “jungle camp”?

Sonja Zietlow zu sein the referenz face of the Cologne’s rtl stationProSieben was awarded ns contract “The masking Singer”RTL ist angry with sonja Zietlow for working with die competition

Cologne – in the final des the ProSieben broadcast “The masking Singer” was die Rabbit unmasked. RTL’s face was under ns cute costume Moderator sonja Zietlow (51). Although ns second season von the nur with die disguised singers ist over, one has different nur behind ns scenes began.

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Sonja Zietlow with her colleague daniel Hartwig in the rtl “Jungle Camp”

Sonja Zietlow’s hauptsächlich employer RTL zu sein angry about her participation in “The masking Singer” (The masking Singer (ProSieben): All ns costumes und the artists behind ns mask) at die competitor ProSieben. The viewers watched die verbal exchange of blows between makers of the Munich broadcaster und RTL, away from ns cameras, with excitement. Sonja Zietlow now threatens ihm after her hare appearance Losing job as a “jungle camp” host?

The masked Singer: RTL’s revenge campaign

The “The masked Singer” has been a complete success zum ProSieben. Die finalists von the zuerst season currently brought the TV makers the highest attendance ever measured a ProSieben nur (TV: this are the best tv programs ~ above German tv – channels, ratings und moderators) according kommen sie Die successful format comes from South Korea und started there in 2015 under the nennen “King des Masked Singer”.

RTL recognized ns potential und wanted to include the music show an its program. ProSieben was lucky enough to win die bid. A few employees von the station, which has its origin an Luxembourg, oase not gained around and are ranting on twitter against the station from southerly Germany.

The audience was fascinated Revenge action von RTL check out along. Sat.1 belongs to the ProSieben media group and is thus on die enemy list des the Cologne TV station. On the homepage spoiled rtl employees like the one Sat.1 format “Celebrities under palm trees” goes on.

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The masking Singer: sonja Zietlow at first thought the request was a joke

After which die singing hare on “The masking Singer” as sonver Zietlow rotate out zu be itchy bei the fingers of the ProSieben employees und they tweeted: “At rtl there möchte definitely be cheers. Ns colleagues always look at celebrities under palm tree on Wednesdays. ” A counter followed at the same time. “Of course we will turn that on if you schutz a working fact format. We oase been act it lang enough”.

Between the verbal austausch of the TV makers stands bezugnahmen Sonja Zietlow. The 51-year-old was surprised about the request, but the Competitor broadcaster was particularly friendly kommen sie her. “I thought it was a hoax that i should sing. However then i couldn’t acquire it out von my head. Ns contact was incredibly nice und friendly,” sonver said.

The masking Singer: sonver Zietlow’s zeigen participation without consultation with RTL

Her employer did notfall like to see herstellung trip to ns competition. Compared to, sonja assessed herstellung situation, whether now a termination for her job as Moderator for the rtl “Jungle Camp” threatens.

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“I normally work for different channels. Ich could now of kurse “The masking Singer” do notfall coordinate straight with RTL, but this is no problem. I bei der always happy to receive inquiries from all broadcasters. I have too no exclusive contract. “Fans are thrilled that the popular Moderator of the zeigen “Jungle Camp” preserved. Viewers of“The masked Singer” kann sein look forward to seeing die singing mythical creatures, ProSieben ist already planning that next season for fall 2020.