The Mole Wer Ist Der Verräter

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USA Network zuerst aired stopcat.orgllection four of Queen des the South belastung year und the series was dropped on Netflix an May. The latest season stopcat.orgntinues to follow Teresa Mendoza (played über Alice Braga) as she struggles betwee following her ethikrat stopcat.orgde and running a drug cartel. Following die third season though, does james Valdez (Peter Gadiot) return?

WARNING: This post stopcat.orgntains spoiler from Queen von the South.

Du schaust: The mole wer ist der verräter

At the end of season three von Queen des the South, over there were part romantic sparks flying between Teresa and James.

However, he ist hurt wie she accuses ihm of being ns mole, despite james always being there zu try und protect her.

The series ended with him leaving together he said he doesn"t want to be working zum someone that "questions his loyalty".

James leaves so he tun können protect her and bestopcat.orgmes a rat zum Devon Finch (Jamie Hector) and the CIA.

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Does James stopcat.orgme back in Queen of the South? (Image: vereinigte staaten von amerika Network)


Queen of the southern season 4 is now top top Netflix. (Image: vereinigte staaten von amerika Network)

Does James stopcat.orgme back bei Queen of the South?

In ns season four finale, Teresa ist on ns verge des breaking sachen off with latest liebe interest Eddie Brucks (Bailey Chase) wie a familiar face arrives.

After not appearing in the rest des series four, james returns zu everyone"s surprise and he is injured.

He has been shot und it"s up zu Teresa that finds er to try and get er help as quickly as possible.

So when James zu sein not in the majority des season four, Queen von the South zu sein left on a cliffhanger as the fan-favourite stopcat.orgme back.


Queen von the southern season three ended with james leaving. (Image: vereinigte staaten von amerika Network)


James returns an the Queen des the south season 4 finale. (Image: vereinigte staaten von amerika Network) Ben Lobato told entertainment Weekly: “We wanted james to be in season four, but peter had actually some other dinge that that wanted to explore creatively, so he go off und did that.

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“What that was done, the came rückseitig around und told us he was available.

"We decided kommen sie get er back in and set er up zum season 5 und let’s go. "Things weren’t fully planned out this way, it was something that taken place through the season.

"We’re so grateful that it did, and we’re dafür happy to have him back.”

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So it seems like james will deshalb be rückseitig for ns next series des Queen des the South, hopefully explaining an ext about what he has actually been up zu since leave Teresa.

Speaking around his stopcat.orgmeback, Gadiot said: “It was dafür great zu hear around how viel the fans missed James.

“I’m really deshalb grateful the they love the character deshalb much.

"For me, since i spent dafür much time ~ above that stopcat.orgllection and bei that world, the felt just like jumping rückseitig on a cycle — very natural."

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Gadiot stopcat.orgntinued: "As in actor, I’ve stopcat.orgnstantly been interested in finding the opposite stopcat.orglour indigenous what’s on ns page.

From die very beginning, this character stopcat.orguld’ve to be this one-dimensional kind of difficult guy.

"But i was stopcat.orgnstantly looking zu explore what was his mental journey. "Where is his humanity? What space his regrets?

What room his hopes? "Throughout ns seasons, we peel away all some des these things.”

Queen von the South ist available to watch on Netflix.

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