The Vampire Diaries Damon And Elena

die Vampire Diaries: Damon & Elena's Relationship, Season über Season Damon and Elena to be arguably die central romance of The Vampire Diaries, however how did their relationship progression from season zu season?

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Elena"s relationship with the Salvatores was at ns front and center of The Vampire Diaries. The show spent years developing both sides des the liebe triangle, und there was a time when it was almost impossible zu predict that Elena would end up with by the ende of the series.

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Each season carried something new for the potential romances, however Damon und Elena"s relationship took a while to get off the ground. Ns two may have started out hating every other, but by the ende of The Vampire Diaries, they to be deeply in love. Damon und Elena"s liebe story was full des twists and turns, yet every action they took brought them closer kommen sie each other.

Damon and Elena together bei The Vampire Diaries
It"s easy to forget that Damon wasn"t always desperately in love with Elena, and wie man they zuerst met, he was willing kommen sie let her die on much more than one occasion. All he cared about was getting Katherine out of the tomb, but sachen changed wie he establish Katherine had actually been complimentary all along.

Elena and Damon begin to verknüpfung as die season goes on, and they mannschaft up kommen sie save stefan when he becomes addicted kommen sie human blood. They form a strong friendship, and Damon even kisses Katherine bei the season finale, reasoning that it"s Elena.

Damon compels Elena bei The Vampire Diaries.
Damon"s feelings weil das Elena become clear together day during die second season, and he admits that he has fallen in love with his brother"s girlfriend. Elena doesn"t return die sentiment, und Damon snaps Jeremy"s neck after she rejects him, bringing your friendship to bei abrupt end.

Damon is determined to win rückseitig Elena"s trust and he zu sein eventually successful. Damon is ausblüten Damon, meaning he continues zu lash the end when dinge don"t go his way, however Elena offers ihm forgiveness and kisses him bei the letzte when he"s on the brink von death.

Season 3 ist when Damon and Elena are given a wahrscheinlichkeit to shine. After Stefan is forced to leave Mystic Falls and help klaus create his hybrids, Damon und Elena do every little thing they kann to save him. But there will a point wie all hope seems lost, and the two des them start to take comfort in the newfound bond they"ve formed in his absence.

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Their developing connection felt prefer a betrayal kommen sie Stefan, and Elena maintained trying to repress herstellung feelings weil das his brother. They eventually come out an full, right around the time stephen starts zu revert zurück to his true self. Despite everything that happened bolzen Damon und Elena, Elena chooses kommen sie be with Stefan just moments prior to she drowns under Wickery Bridge.

5 Season 4 - die Sire verknüpfung Complicates Things

Elena and Damon in The Vampire Diaries.
During ns first minute of The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Elena discovers that she had Damon"s blood bei her system when she died. Not only was this plot refreshing, however it was vital to showcase Damon"s unconditional love for Elena. Elena i do not care drastically various as a vampire, and she pipeline Stefan zum his brother. But the zeigen was never ever going to give fan exactly what they wanted, and after lock sleep together, viewers find that Elena zu sein sired to Damon.

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Damon begins zu doubt Elena"s love zum him, i beg your pardon wasn"t hard given that he currently thought the was auch good to be true. Elena"s emotions are turned off adhering to Jeremy"s death, and what"s real and what isn"t becomes also blurrier than before. It"s notfall until die very ende of the season the all ist finally revealed. An a fan-favorite scene, Elena confesses produziert love weil das Damon after the sire bond is lastly broken. Their kiss in front des the fireplace is ausblüten one von the ideal moments of the whole show, and the love triangle comes to a irreversible end.

after ~ years des buildup, Damon and Elena were bei official pair in The Vampire Diaries Season 5. It was a whole neu world for them, and even despite it was odd zu finally see them together, it also felt natural.

But no matte how viel they love each other, it"s never smooth sailing zum Damon and Elena. They attempt zu break up zum several various reasons, however it never ever quite sticks. The two constantly found your way back to each other, and also Damon"s death wouldn"t it is in able kommen sie keep them apart.

3 Season 6 - Damon is Presumed Dead, Elena Erases herstellung Memories

Elena is dafür distraught over shedding Damon that she guilts Lucas into giving produziert special herbs kommen sie hallucinate him. Over there comes a point when it isn"t enough, and Elena asks Alaric to compel away produziert love for Damon. Wenig did anyone know, no Damon no one Bonnie to be dead, und they were actually trapped in a prison world.

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Damon und Elena"s reunion might not schutz been what fans were hope for, yet their whole storyline was proof des how powerful their liebe is. Elena just remembered the bad things the Damon had done, yet she blieb couldn"t rütteln him. It took a bit des time, however Elena fell in love through Damon all over again.

Because of Nina Dobrev"s decision kommen sie leave the series, Elena spent the entirety of The Vampire Diaries Season 7 an a mythological coma. Herstellung life ist tethered kommen sie Bonnie"s, and as lang as Bonnie zu sein alive, Elena can"t wake up up.

Viewers had actually never watched Damon without Elena there to guide him, und the nur felt turn off without the central couple. Between Damon thinking he shed Elena"s body and him hooking nach oben with who else, it was a hard season for Delena shippers.

1 Season 8 - Damon and Elena Live Happily ever After as Humans

Elena was only bei the belastung few minutes of die series finale, but she played a huge duty throughout the final season. Sybil had actually manipulated Damon"s memories and made er forget all about Elena. However Damon"s love zum her was one point that could never be erased, as it proved to be auch powerful zu tamper with.

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When Bonnie breaks the spell und wakes Elena up, she und Damon reunite. They take ns cure and become person together, which is what Elena had constantly wanted. A flash-forward reflects Damon and Elena holding hands in the afterlife, and fans were ecstatic to see the wedding ring on her finger.