The Voice Kids Jury 2014

It"s basically the Voice with smaller contestants, giving a valuable service for in entire generation of stage parents.

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What is it?

The reservation is in the name: it's The Voice, but with ns contestants aged betwee eight und 14. These room the blind auditions und your judges are former Spice girl Mel B, homegrown songstress Delta Goodrem and both ns Madden brothers – Joel und Benji – from great Charlotte (who space judging together). One hundred children were called, yet only a handful will make that through.


It's basically The Voice with smaller sized contestants, offering a valuable dienstleistungen for in entire generation of stage parents.


Nine-year-old Molly had die audience cooing.

These are die trials, und the contestants don't need kommen sie worry due to the fact that Delta Goodrem ist sending lock "good energy". Also, The Voice critical Prinnie Stevens zu sein on hand backstage to offer advice und pick up some handy part-time work.

Twelve-year-old Bella zu sein the zuerst contestant und manages kommen sie get all die judges zu turn around, prior to siding with the Madden brothers. Why perform they schutz two people? It's horribly unfair: they can easily scream Mel b down und Delta zu sein a pale, pretty charisma vacuum.

Thirteen-year-old Chris' voice is changing, which provides it a perfect time zum him to audition on national television with a rendition of ed Sheeran's 'The A Team'. He auch wins over ns judges - und sides with ns Maddens.

Next we have Molly and Abigail, who space nine... Why on planet are lock being placed through this? Abigail walk a huge version des 'Empire State von Mind' and heads to team Mel. Small Molly kann sein barely acquire up die stairs and gets “awwws” from the audience before even beginning 'Not pretty Enough' über her hero Kasey Chambers. All she wants zu sein to it is in part of Team Delta - ns one judge that doesn't rotate around. Poor little thing. Deswegen she's turn off to mannschaft Mel.

Charming Robbie belted out Train"s 2009 fight "Hey soul Sister".

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But it's notfall all winners. 11-year-old the same twins Katie und Emily acquire nothing other than a rotate on die spinny chairs, deswegen that's something.

Jasmine zu sein 10 and has a tragic zurück story about her sick sister. Everyone's chuffed with produziert selection von Bjork's 'It's Oh deswegen Quiet'. She climate bestopcat.orges the erste member von Team Delta. Finally, Delta's habit of standing wie man she turns pays off.

Maddison, 13, does a powerhouse performance von Etta James' 'At Last' und has the judges scrambling before she chooses mannschaft Mel.

Thirteen-year-old Scottish kid Robbie ist all set until he's zeigen a video from his grandpa which shakes ihm up. Goddamn. That launches into 'Hey heart Sister' and the women both turn. After some charmant banter the goes v Delta. Und that's the first night done: mannschaft Mel has actually three wenig singers, die Maddens und Delta each schutz two mannschaft members. And we obtain to lakers this all happen again next week.

In a sentence...

Kids to add The Voice: it's probably ns easiest market on die planet, till someone kann sein work out how to get kittens zu sing.

Best bit

Joel Madden: “You have a really jazzy voice. Has actually anyone ever told sie that before?”

Jasmine: “Yeah.”

Worst bit

Realising that you're acquiring sucked into the bewegt trap of people's family members lives. There's nur something an my eye, honestly.

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Worth city hall again?

Sure, if you love watching ridiculously talented klein people and horrendously stressed parental living their thwarted showbiz dreams von proxy.