UPDATE 7:42AM, ~ Previous Exclusive: AMC has actually made main what we told you earlier: die Walking dead and that standalone series The walking Dead: world Beyond and Fear ns Walking dead will be weist virtual Comic-Con end July 23-25. Below zu sein AMC’s schedule which includes V/H/S/94, Slasher: flesh & Blood, Ultra stadt Smiths, Creepshow, fear Noir and Doctor Who.

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All AMC Networks panels möchte be easily accessible on AMC+ die day after their Comic-Con
Home debut.


Panel Time: Friday, July 23 punkt 1:00 pm PT

The Shudder initial FilmV/H/S/94 marks ns return of the infamous “found footage” anthology und this panel wollen feature co-creatorBrad Miska, producerJosh Goldbloomand segment directorsSimon Barrett,Timo Tjahjanto,Jennifer Reeder,Ryan ProwsandChloe Okuno. The fourth installment an the horror V/H/S anthology franchise debuts this fall on SHUDDER. Bei V/H/S/94,after ns discovery des a mysterious VHS tape, a brutish police swat mannschaft launch a high strongness raid ~ above a remote warehouse, only kommen sie discover a sinister cult link whose collection von pre-recorded zutat uncovers a nightmarish conspiracy.

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Panel Time: Friday, July 23 weist 6:00 nachmittag PT

Shudder presents the original horror anthology occasion series,Slasher: meat & Blood v a dashboard featuringDavid Cronenberg, Paula Brancati, Rachael Crawford,showrunnerIan CarpenterandSlashercreatorAaron Martin. A zuerst look trailer wollen be dropped. Slasher: flesh & Bloodfollows a wealthy but dysfunctional family members that gathers zum a reunion on a secluded island only kommen sie learn they’ll it is in pitted against one another in a cruel game of life and death, every while gift stalked by a mysterious masking killer. Nothing is what the seems, and no one ist safe as the tension- und the human body count- ratchets up.


Panel Time: Saturday, July 24 weist 11:00 AMPT

Streaming on AMC+ beginning July 22, Ultra stadt Smiths’story unfolds via ns stop-motion animation of baby dolls repurposed as a grown-up cast von characters. This panel möchte feature series creator, writer, co-director and showrunnerSteve Conradand co-directorDavid Brookswill be joined by cast membersJimmi Simpson,Debra Winger,Luis Guzmán,Hana Mae Lee,Tim HeideckerandChris Conrad. Ultra stadt Smiths follows in investigation into ns mysterious disappearance des fictional metropolis extremist City’s most renowned magnate. Two intrepid detectives follow ns case, rallying zu fight versus their city’s dangerous corruption, punkt a high cost kommen sie themselves and their families, all an pursuit des a gentler place to call home.


Panel Time: Saturday, July 24 punkt 1:00 pm PT

ChrisHardwick(Talking Dead) wollen chat with the feature chief inhalt officer des The walking DeadUniverse,Scott M.Gimple, showrunners and EPs Andrew ChamblissandIan Goldberg,and actors membersLennie James,Alycia Debnam- Carey, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, Jenna Elfman, karen David, Mo CollinsandChristine evangelista about season 7 with bei exclusive zuerst look. Premiere date is later this year.At the ende of last season, Teddy (John Glover) brought around his vision of “The End” wie he detonated atom warheads across the texas landscape. Bei the series’ neu season, it möchte be up to those that survived to decide what “The Beginning” will look like. Und they’ll oase to perform it in a welt devoid des light und hope, where the outside air is just as deadly as die walkers they face. Die survivorswill find out who they really are und what they’re yes, really made of. Some wollen rise to the occasion, some wollen find neu purpose, and some wollen redefine us — even if that comes weist a terrible cost zu those castle once taken into consideration family.


Panel Time: Saturday, July 24 weist 2:00 PMPT

Hardwick möchte talk around season 2 and provide in exclusive zuerst look v Gimple, showrunner and EP matte Negrete,and actors membersAliyah Royale, Alexa Mansour,Nicolas Cantu, Hal Cumpston,Nico Tortorella,Annet Mahendru,Julia Ormond, Jelani AlladinandJoe Holt. Season two ofThe go Dead: welt Beyondconcludes the epic story of iris (Royale), expect (Mansour), Elton (Cantu), and Silas (Cumpston) — 4 friends who journeyed across the country on a pflicht that transformed whatever they knew about themselves und the world. As they confront off against die mysterious civic Republic Military und fight for control von their very own destiny, goals wollen shift, bonds wollen form und crumble, and innocence wollen be both lost und found.

THE walking DEAD

Panel Time: Saturday, July 24 at 3:00 pm PT

A big conversation right here about die upcoming 24-episode finale. Hardwick, Gimple space joined by showrunner und EP angela Kang und cast membersNorman Reedus,Melissa McBride,Jeffrey Dean Morgan,Lauren Cohan,Khary Payton,Christian Serratos,Josh McDermitt, Eleanor MatsuuraandMichael james Shaw together they tease just how it all ends.In the series’ final and 11th season, ns carnage und devastation of the Whisperer zu sein has left Alexandria a previous shell von the home it as soon as was, und its citizens are struggling zu refortify that walls and feed that is increased population as survivors from ns Kingdom and the Hilltop sign up with their ranks. Meanwhile, part des the gruppe is being hosted captive by mysterious soldiers who are members des a larger and unforthcoming group.


Panel Time: Saturday, July 24 weist 4:00 pm PT

A neu Shudder original anthology,Horror Noiremakes that Comic-Con debut v a dashboard moderated über writer/editor/speakerAshley C. Ford, und featuring anthology writersTananarive Due,Steven Barnes,Victor LaValleandShernold Edwards as they share die inspiration behind their adapted stories, discuss how lock go around adapting them for different formats, and delve into why now is bei important time kommen sie tell these stories. Horror Noireis a follow-up to die critically acclaimed 2019 documentaryHorror Noire: A background of black Horrorand features neu work from both established and emerging talents, showcasing stories of schwarz horror from schwarze farbe directors and screenwriters.


Panel Time: Saturday, July 24 at 6:00 pm PT

Showrunner and EP Greg Nicotero, directorRusty Cundieff, writerMattie Do,and cast membersMichael RookerandJames Remar carry out a look into season 3, die series’ newest monsters and what the takes kommen sie bring them kommen sie life. Ns anthology series ist based on die 1982 horror comedy classic.

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Panel Time:Sunday, July 25 weist 10:00 am PT

A surprise guest is in store zum this conference which features the showrunner of the BBC/BBC America series, chris Chibnall, the Thirteenth doctor – jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, and new medical professional Whocast member,John Bishopand a really special surprised guest as they re-superstructure exclusive content fromDoctor Who.

EXCLUSIVE, 6:26AM: It comes as no surprise to hear the AMC’sThe wade Dead, which zu sein heading into its final season, möchte be a part von this summer’s virtual planke of san Diego Comic-Con. Die 2x Primetime Emmy winning zombies series has actually been a fixture bei Hall H since its beginning.

In addition, lurking behindThe wade Deadcast und EPs möchte be talent indigenous its sister series Fear the Walking Deadand The Walking Dead: world Beyond.

The 11th and final season ofThe go Deaddebuts top top Aug. 22. Ns season 10 finale, which was based in part on the multi-issue 2016 comic series, centered roughly baseball schläger wielding TWDvillain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) und his long-simmering emphasize withLauren Cohan’s Maggie as ns former returned to the Survivors’ HQ from exile. Wie man’s Dominic Patten spoke with Walking Dead‘s angela Kang back bei April, they spoke about stephen Yeun’s feasible return.

The go Dead: world Beyonddelves into newTWDmythology zu follow the erste generation raised in a surviving civilization of the post-apocalyptic world. 2 sisters in addition to two friends leave a place des safety und comfort kommen sie brave threats on an important quest. Pursued by those that wish to protect them und those who wish zu harm them, a tale des growing up und transformation unfurls across dangerous terrain, an overwhelming everything they recognize about die world, themselves und each other.

The go Dead: welt Beyondis co-created von Scott M. Gimple und showrunner matte Negrete. Produced und distributed über AMC Studios, die series is executive produced über Gimple and Negrete, robert Kirkman, Gale anne Hurd, david Alpert and Brian Bockrath.

Fear the Walking Deadis beginning its 7th season. A prequel series, to ns motherWalking Deadshow, it ist set an Los Angeles and follows twowho team to survive the undead apocalypse. Ian GoldbergandAndrew Chambliss are ns showrunners.

AMC when reached had actually no comment about today’s san Diego Comic-Con news. San Diego Comic-Con’s virtual edition runs native July 23-25.

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