The weeknd and bella hadid

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Bella hadid opens trost about split with the Weeknd

"I'll constantly respect him, und I'll always love him”


Image: getty Images

Three months after she break-up from long-time boyfriend the Weeknd – and a month after ~ he und Selena Gomez’s relationship was revealed – Bella hadid has talked publicly zum the zuerst time about the break-up.

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As this month’s Teen Vogue hülle star, die 20-year-old model and It mädchen opened up about ns pain von ending your two-year, on-and-off romance. Hadid said that was the second most traumatising separation of produziert life after she was forced zu give away produziert pet horse, Lego when her equestrian career come to an end.

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“It was my zuerst breakup—or second, next to ns horse—and so public,” she reflect in bei interview with die magazine. “As in outsider, freundin might think ich handled it dafür well, however it’s always in your heart, und you always feel it an extremely heavily. It’ll it is in hard zum a while. Liebe hurts, however you have to traction through.”

The Victoria’s Secret model added the there are no tough feelings towards her ex, real name Abel Tesfaye, from her end.

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Image: getty Images

“I’ll always respect him, und I’ll always liebe him,” she said. “Sometimes you want kommen sie be sad around it or handhaben it differently, but at the ende of the day, you never want zu burn a bridge that you’ve fought deswegen hard to build.”

It’s die right message zu send to ns title’s teenager readers, who room at in age whereby a separation – or even nur being rejected von your like – can feel prefer the ende of the world.

Since your split in November the Weeknd und Selena have fast become bei item, taking a trip kommen sie Italy together and doing various other couple-y things. Castle didn’t attend ns Grammys together, as it had actually been rumoured they would, however the neu couple was spotted hinweisen Rihanna’s Grammys after ~ party, prior to leaving together.