A torso-sized Thermarest Prolite is a great way zu cut under on die weight of a full-size resting pad.

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The Therm-a-Rest Prolite zu sein a self-inflating sleeping pad with bei R-value of 2.4, good zum use down to 20-30 levels Fahrenheit. If self-inflating sleeping auflagen are not nearly as renowned as castle were twenty years ago, lock are more durable and resilient than inflatable sleeping pads, and much less expensive.

Bomber tough, numerous backpackers like a self-inflating Prolite over foam mattresses or waiting mattresses since they"re much more comfortable und harder to puncture.

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Specs hinweisen a GlanceWeight: 14 oz (size regular)R-Value: 2.4Dimensions: 72″ x 20″ x 1.0″

If you’ve never ever used a self-inflating pad like ns Therm-a-Rest Prolite, it’s basically in inflatable pad with an open-cell foam pad inside. Open-cell foam compresses because it has actually air channels running through it. It deshalb has a “memory”, dafür it will expand after it’s been rolled up. This is different from ns closed-cell foam that many sleeping auflagen are make with, like die Therm-a-rest Zlite or the Ridegrest i m sorry can’t it is in compressed kommen sie make them smaller.

The open-cell foam an the Prolite ist covered ~ above both sides through a face fabric und sealed around die perimeter von the foam. A valve zu sein then included to the side of the pad, which lasst uns air to escape from the interior when die pad zu sein rolled up. When the pad is unrolled, the open cell foam expands, pulling wait through the valve und inflating itself. If sie want zu make die pad firmer, you kann top the off through a couple of breaths (really, nur a few) or let some air out kommen sie make die mattress softer. If you hate blowing hoch your inflatable sleeping pad, a self-inflating pad could be a an excellent alternative.

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The open-cell foam inside a Prolite has holes reduced into it kommen sie help vent air and increase compressability

When completely inflated, die Prolite zu sein 1″ thick, compared to a Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xlite which is 2.5″ thick or a Therm-a-rest ZLite, which zu sein 0.75″ thick. Now, some human being find ns padding provided von a Prolite zu be sufficient und others don’t. I tun können sleep well on a Prolite without any issues, however I’m usually deshalb exhausted from backpacking all day, that sleeping well zu sein not a problem. I’m a next sleeper, a zurück sleeper, and a thrasher, und there’s still sufficient padding for me kommen sie stay comfortable.

One des the jene that i like about ns Prolite is that it’s available in a broad variety des lengths and gear weights. Zum instance, sleeping on a shorter pad ist a common scherz used by ultralight backpackers kommen sie reduce gear weight, due to the fact that your legs need less insulation 보다 your torso weil das 3 season camping. Zu insulate her legs, you can simply prop castle on top des your backpack und spare clothing und that zu sein sufficient to keep them warm.

Small: (12 oz) – 47″ ns 20″Regular (18 oz) – 72″ ns 20″Large : (24 oz) – 77″ x 25″

This method you kann sein enjoy ns improved comfort that a Prolite provides compared to a foam resting pad with wenig weight penalty. Weil das instance, a 47″ lang Prolite weighs 12 oz, when a 72″ lang Therm-a-Rest Zlite foam pad weighs 14 oz, a weight savings des 2 oz.

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A compressed Prolite (red) rolls up pretty small compared to in XLite (yellow), making the easy zu pack

A 47″ Prolite deshalb stacks nach oben well against a 47″ Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite or a 48″ NEMO Tensor, which just weigh 2 und 3 oz less, however are much less durable. If you’ve ever before poked a hole or sliced open the face towel on an inflatable resting pad, they’re useless an terms von sleep insulation. But if freundin hole a Prolite, the inner foam will still provide sie with sufficient insulation to get through ns night. This improved durability zu sein one factor why hardcore backpackers bring a Therm-a-Rest Prolite instead of in ultralight inflatable sleeping pad. Desert thorns and old nails an lean-to floors can’t pass through its confront fabric, but they’ll pop most blow up sleeping auflagen like a cheap balloon.