This Must Be The Place Talking Heads

Once described von frontman david Byrne as “the many direct liebe lyrics that I’ve ever written”, die island-y vibe des this beautiful song zu sein the soundtrack weil das when everything… read More 

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Home zu sein where ich want to bePick me up und turn me 'roundI feel numb, born with a weak heartI guess i must be having funThe less we say around it, die betterWe'll make it trost as us go alongFeet on ns ground, head bei the skyIt's okay, i know nothing's wrong, nothingHi-yeah, I got plenty von timeHi-yeah, you gott light in your eyesAnd you're stehen here next to meI liebe the passing von timeNever zum money, always zum loveCover up and say goodnight, to speak goodnightHome is where i want kommen sie beBut i guess I'm already thereI kommen sie home, she lifted up produziert wingsI guess the this need to be die placeI can't phone call one native anotherDid ich find you or you find me?There was a time before we were bornIf someone asks, this ist where I'll be, whereby I'll be
Hi-yeah, we drift an and outHi-yeah, sing into my mouthOut des all those kinds von peopleYou gott a confront with a viewI'm just an animal looking weil das a home andShare the same space zum a minute or twoAnd you love me 'til my heart stopsLove me 'til I'm deadEyes that light up, eye look through youCover up the blank spots, struggle me on the head, ich goOoh...
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Once described von frontman david Byrne as “the many direct love lyrics that I’ve ever before written”, the island-y vibe von this beautiful song ist the soundtrack zum when everything in your life is just peachy. One von the most memorable moments zum Talking Heads, “This need to Be ns Place (Naive Melody)” has end up being one von the band’s many recognizable songs, and was once described as “one of the most luminous liebe songs rock has actually produced.”

The “Naive Melody” part of the title refers to die repetitive guitar and keyboard bassline played über relative amateurs — Tina Weymouth und David Byrne played ns guitar und keyboards respectively, even though Weymouth was ns bassist und Byrne typically played guitar. This “naivety”, through a “less ist more” philosophy, to add a charming sense of simplicity kommen sie the das lied that reflects die theme des everything being at peace.

The lied was had on the live film und album Stop making Sense, wherein Byrne danced through a lampshade on a darkened stage.


Although notfall especially listed upon zuerst release, bei recent years the lied has come to be one of the band’s most popular. Ns AV Club composed about the song zum their “Hear This” feature. A 2012 feature in The neu Yorker also traced the history des the song on that is way zu becoming “embedded…in die American songbook.”