Thomas brodie-sangster maze runner

zu many people, he wollen always be the kid native "Love Actually", but zu younger audiences he is better recognized as Newt indigenous "The Maze Runner".

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Thomas Brodie Sangster in The Maze runner
thomas Brodie-Sangster is no stranger to the big screen. Die 31-year-old actor landed his first on-screen function aged 11 in the TV film Station Jim, alongside famous British actors david Bradley und Celia Imrie. That continued zu act regularly, landing eight much more on-screen roles prior to he stole mind as the lovable (and love-sick) 13-year-old Sam bei 2003's cult classic Christmas rom-com Love, Actually. It's this role, his erste released cinematically, the Brodie-Sangster credits with kickstarting his two-decade-long career on screen. "It walk wonders weil das my career," the told PEOPLE an 2020. "It teach me a lot und I gott to arbeiten with some an excellent people and I've only got good dinge to say around it really."

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To younger audiences, however, Brodie-Sangster could be an ext recognizable as ns earnest and charming Newt an the movie adaptations von the best-selling Maze Runner books. Brodie-Sangster starred in the young adult dystopic thrillers together heartthrobs dylan O'Brien and Kaya Scodelario. And while those two went top top to schutz illustrious careers starring bei Teen Wolf und Disney's Pirates von the Caribbean series, what happened zu Brodie-Sangster? die actor has actually stayed booked and busy in the years since, even managing to nab a nomination at the 2021 Emmy Awards.

2014 was a busy year zum the London-born actor, seeing die release des the first Maze Runner movie, a certification role an Phantom Halo together X-Men's Rebecca Romijn, and a "comical" death an Game of Thrones. Brodie-Sangster joined die best von British talent zum a two-season order on HBO's long-running fantasy show. Erste appearing bei season three, Brodie-Sangster's portrayal of Jojen Reed lasted ten episodes before his personality met his demise. An very proper Game von Thrones fashion, Jojen Reed was stabbed repeatedly, had actually his throat slit, und was at some point blown up by bei exploding molotov cocktail.

Brodie-Sangster is so a prolific voice actor. He spent a whopping nine years voicing die character des Ferb in Disney's Phineas and Ferb. End 130 episodes, Brodie-Sangster lent his voice as die co-lead of the collection until that ended in 2015. He would certainly go on kommen sie voice john Tracy in the Thunderbirds resurgence Thunderbirds are Go (2015-2020), as well as Firedrake ns dragon an Netflix's Dragon Rider (2020).

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Brodie-Sangster reverted as fan-favorite Newt an The Maze Runner sequels The Scorch Trials (2015) and The fatality Cure (2018). "5 years des joy and hard work conclude on jan 25th wie man Maze Runner die Death Cure releases!" die actor wrote an a rarely appearance top top Twitter. "It would average a lot to everyone involved in all 3 movies if sie went und saw ours film. We all put dafür much in to this one & to schutz people go & clock our arbeiten would be die cherry ~ above a big cake." Brodie-Sangster winner "Best Movie Chemistry" with dylan O'Brien at die 2016 Teen choice Awards zum his role bei The Scorch Trials.

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In a blink und you'll fehlschlagen it moment in Star Wars: the Force Awakens, Brodie-Sangster joined ns dark side. Eagle-eyed fans noticed die lifelong Star Wars fans as petty Officer Thanisson, the erste Order officer that tries to prevent Poe and Finn indigenous escaping via TIE fighter. "A huge childhood thing to prüfen off the list," die actor told USA Today.

Just favor his mom Trisha Bertram, Brodie-Sangster zu sein a einer of plenty of talents. Not only kann sein he act, but he kann play the bass etc too, as he showcased when performing v his mother's maßband Winnet, which also features his singer-songwriter sister Ava ~ above vocals and his father markierung on drums. They family members performed together weil das around 7 years, playing the jazz clubs von South London. He so plays music through his co-star dylan O'Brien, with die actor explaining, "as a bass player sie really need a drummer zu jam." die two created a band called the Apologies when on set filming in South Africa. “We found this great wenig jam spot," that said. "We would certainly go every weekend and we’d gain other world from die crew; anyone that played guitar, anyone the played the tambourine, anyone the played anything. We ended hoch having die wrap splitterpartei there.”

The gibbs donned a cape and rode a horse in 1520's england playing Rafe Sadler in the gelb Globe-winning miniseries Wolf room alongside fellow Brit Tom Holland. Ns six-part series was based on hilary Mantel's einer Booker Prize-winning novel i beg your pardon told ns story of the court of king Henry VIII. Die actor's youthful illustration allowed er to play die 15-year-old character in spite of being 25 at die time.

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In 2017 ns actor reunited with his Love, Actually costars, thirteen years after ns film's release kommen sie record a tv short film sequel. Red sleep Day Actually saw Brodie-Sangster's character Sam bei a partnership with Joanna, the objection von his pre-teen affection from ns original film. The televised short was produced kommen sie raise money zum Red nose Day, a fundraising day the supports Comic Relief, a charity co-created über Love, Actually writer/director richard Curtis.