Tickets Champions League Final 2015


This weekend sees Atletico Madrid und Real madrid go head-to-head on club football’s biggest stage, with the 2016 UEFA champion League last set kommen sie kick-off hinweisen Milan’s famous san Siro stadium punkt 8.45pm local time on Saturday (7.45pm BST an the UK).

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In’s finish guide to ns 2016 champion League final you kann sein get ns lowdown on ns managers, die captains, the clubs, their routes to die final, your European history, ns rivalry betwee the two teams und much more.

Will Atletico madrid avenge their dramatic late loss to los Blancos in the 2014 final and win this competition weil das the erste time in their history? Will echt Madrid add kommen sie their astonishing tally des 10 european Cup wins?

Can Cristiano Ronaldo increase his haul von 16 purposes as die 2015-16 champion League’s top scorer or could it be Atlético’s talented French marksman Antoine Griezmann that settles ns affair? möchte Cristiano be fit on Saturday regardless of his declaration the he is?

Below we emphasis on ns changes und evolution von Champions League last ticket prices over the years.


Will Cristiano Ronaldo be rechts for final?

Champions League final ticket prices

Exclusive charme from Ticketbis deshalb shows how ns anticipation ist building ahead of the last with fans searching zum tickets top top the open market.

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The cheapest ticket top top Ticketbis zum the 2016 Champions organization final ist currently available weil das a cool £736, whilst ns average price zum secondary industry tickets ist £1,535 for this Saturday’s game. You may think this is over ns top, but read on…

Remarkably, these figures are an fact cheaper than die £1,959 average price dished out zum the 2015 final and deshalb cheaper than die price von £1,716 i m sorry was the average amount payment on the offen market end the tonnage five finals.

So far the most expensive ticket weil das the upcoming final was purchased zum £5,119 by an Italian fan.

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However, this figure falls short des the extremely price von £8,704 weil das a VIP ticket bought indigenous Hungary zum the Juventus vs. Barcelona final belastung year in Munich, which holds die title des most high value ticket ever before bought zum a sporting event on die platform.