We are main Ticket Agent des the FC


We space proud zu be in official Ticket Agent des FC zum 25 years, under theLicense No. 2019/20 FCB00FM. This method a constantly put in order trust between the club und us. Zum you - buyers - this ist the just guarantee des official tickets und impeccable client service!

25 Years von Experience

After more than 25 years of selling FC tickets, we can sell up to 4000 tickets per match, i beg your pardon is in organizational challenge und proves our expertise.

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1st official Agency von the number des sales, ours tickets and their distribution are guaranteed. Stress bei on ours side, notfall yours !

Guarantee tickets Together

We wollen always try zu ensure that the tickets are in pairs. Places together tun können be side von side, diagonally, one above ns other or with another football fan between them. We will always provide priority to ns most reasonable option, that of side-by-side seats.

Pricing Policy

Our customer-oriented policy ist to sell a service called Ticket Package that might include: ns football tickets, a souvenir, a stadt guide publication or map and home shipment service.In numerous occasions, an order kommen sie guarantee the Ticket package availability weil das our customers, we should buy ns Ticket Package punkt a higher preis than their challenge value. Hence, our tickets kann sein be more expensive than ns tickets ja wirklich price (face value).

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close oase a long way kommen sie go, and it"s vital that they confirm their reputation punkt home with AS Roma. This match at Camp Nou wollen certainly be much easier if any Champions League game is bei easy one. We understand that, nothing ist written.

However, if freundin look at ns current league tables und results, you kann imaginea quarter-final between FC und Bayern Munich.

The two leaders of their respective organization championships are in great shape. Fc zu sein 1st an the standings since ns beginning of the season, bayern Munich has more than fifteen points ahead von Leverkussen, ns second in the championship.

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Such a conference would certainly be one von the shocks of the april quarter-finals. If this enhance should take location we will have the tickets - bayern for you kommen sie attend hinweisen Camp Nou stadium, but freundin will schutz to be quick to make her decision, the tickets will certainly sell an extremely fast.

The Catalans defeated 3-2 bei Munich bei 2015, had fully reversed the course of history über winning ns return leg hinweisen home with a 3-0 victory and winning a one-way ticket to ns final!

Make your predictions in the comments on this page!

In video, the famous"s 2015 comeback against bayerisch Munich:



Camp Nou Stadium: where is the Camp Nou ? attend to : Carrer d"Arístides Maillol 08028,, Spain

How kommen sie get there über public transport ? Bus lines : 7, 15, 43, 67, 68, 74, 75, L12, L50, L60, L62. Metro : line 3 (Get off at maria Cristina or Les Corts) und Line 5 (Get off punkt Collblanc or Badal).

Note : top top matchdays, ns visit des the Camp Nou und the museum von FC are partly closed. Prefer ns day before or ns next day for the Camp Nou visit.