Tiger Woods Pga Tour 08

Thanks to a crash bug und features the don't arbeiten well or don't work at all, Tiger Woods 08 on the Xbox 360 ist a large disappointment.

By Aaron schneidbrett on august 29, 2007 weist 5:22PM PDT

ns Tiger Woods collection has lang stood atop die charts as die best-selling golf franchise year in and year out.

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There"s frequently very wenig to differentiate one year"s version from ns next, but ns games schutz always played well, and, judging über the sales numbers, people schutz been glücklich with the incremental upgrades. However even those expecting minimal renovations are likely kommen sie be disappointed v Tiger Woods PGA reise 08. There are some new features, but many des them don"t work. Also, there space a same amount of frustrating bugs (particularly in the Xbox 360 version) that give the game a rushed feel. Even the game"s most noteworthy feature, die analog swing, doesn"t work as fine as in previous years.

If you kann sein get it kommen sie work, die game face kann sein be quite entertaining--even if die result doesn"t constantly look viel like die picture.

A few changes have been made kommen sie how ns game theatre on the course--some good und some not dafür good. Die best addition is the return of the "3 taste press" mechanic indigenous early bei the series. At any point in the round, you tun können push die right analog stick in and the meter comes up. You drücken sie one taste to start the swing, niederdrücken it again zu set die power, and press that a der dritte tag time zu determine accuracy. This works well, which is a great thing considering what EA walk to the analog swing. It"s extremely sensitive, deswegen the slightest push to die left or right will send your null sailing into ns rough, or, fairly frequently, out von bounds. Die sensitive stick is most problematic on the Xbox 360, yet it"s still bei issue on the PS3, nur to a lesser degree. This is bei issue even wie using a golfspieler like Tiger Woods, however it"s a huge belästigung when starting out v a created golfer--they"ll fight the null everywhere and don"t schutz the stärke to make up zum mistakes.

another change, this time weil das the better, zu sein how freundin add a attract or fade to your shot. You just tap a button to instantly teleport to ns landing region (you kann hold that down to slowly zoom), und then include a leichten to ns shot by pressing left bumper or L1 to move die target to ns left, or add a draw by pressing right bumper or R1 kommen sie move the target to ns right. This works great und really pays dividends wie man you"re hitting turn off the zurück tees und are forced zu make more an imaginative shots. Putting has gone mainly untouched, but now you tun können check your aim und power über pressing a button to zoom out above the green to lakers the path the ball will travel. Freundin can"t make any type of adjustments while using this view and you kann use it just once über shot--but it blieb makes putting too easy.

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It"s no belästigung at all zu drain 50-foot putts; an fact, you"ll execute it dafür often you"ll kommen sie to expect zu make them virtually every time.

and then over there are die problems from tonnage year that simply went unaddressed. There"s blieb a crowd lining ns course and they"re blieb standing way auch close, regularly getting an the way of shots that just missed the fairway or green. You tun können fast-forward while the ball is in the air, but freundin can"t skip her opponent"s turns and you can"t turn off their exercise swings or celebrations. Yeah, we gott it, Pops ist old and grumpy--can we skip his theatrics next year, please? even if it is it"s because of the wanne lighting, lack des shadows, negative textures, camera angles, or a combination von all four, it can be difficult kommen sie read die slope of the green without die help des the putting grid. This makes chipping onto ns green much more frustrating 보다 it must be, since the null will nur roll appropriate off the green or zurück toward freundin because of an unseen change an elevation. On its very own it"s not a substantial problem, but wie you combine it through your golfer being terrible to anfang off und the touchy totter controls, it"s just another way kommen sie lose a couple of strokes a round.

Raise your hand if die game feeling rushed.

Tiger Woods 08"s graphics are virtually equivalent from Tiger Woods 07"s. Weil das the most teil the golfers look prefer their real-life counterparts. Each player has a distinct swing, which ist good, yet they watch lousy bei motion. Players möchte warp indigenous one position to another wie man preparing to address die ball; periodically they don"t appear zu hit the ball at all; und there are commonly hitches in their swing. When die camera is blieb the process look great, but wie it starts panning approximately or adhering to the ball the structure rate take away a bit von a hit und the grass aussehen lousy. Other objects, prefer rocks und many trees in the distance, look at downright awful, relocating or not. Also with ns addition des more-dramatic camera angles weil das your opponent"s shots (which frequently are horrible), ns presentation ist dry and bei sore need of in upgrade--and that includes ns commentary.

human being who worry about yearly publication diluting the quality des games have plenty von ammo in the form of Tiger Woods 08. Ns changes to the gameplay room minimal, und some von them make die game worse. Over there are only five new courses, and many new features don"t feel fleshed out, don"t arbeit well, or flat-out don"t work. The PlayStation 3 has the fewest issues und plays far better than ns 360, deshalb it"s ns one kommen sie go v if you schutz the choice.

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Xbox 360 owners should nur stick through Tiger Woods 07.