Til It Happens To You

The singer wrote und performed ns original song zum the documentary "https://www.stopcat.org/The searching Ground"https://www.stopcat.org/ that concentrates on sexual assault on university campuses.

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Lady Gaga poses bei the press room at ns 57th Grammy Awards hinweisen Staples hauptquartier on February 8, 2015 bei Los Angeles, California. JasonLaVeris/FilmMagic

In bei appearance at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills tonight, Lady Gaga perform the das lied “Til the Happens zu You,” i m sorry she co-wrote for the feature documentary The searching Ground, Kirby Dick’s film about sexual assaults on American college campuses.


Recently, lady Gaga opened hoch about gift a rape survivor, saying she channeled produziert personal suffer into ns song. Punkt a TimesTalks dashboard Dec. 10 zu promote ns film, she elaborated, saying, “Because des the way that i dress, and the means that I’m provocative together a person, ich thought that i had brought it ~ above myself bei some way, the it was my fault.”

The hunting Ground focuses on die epidemic of sexual assaults und the farming network des student activists who room working zu combat die violence. Directed über Dick und produced von Amy Zeiring, it is one von fifteen documentaries shortlisted for bei Oscar nomination for best documentary feature.

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Watch dame Gaga do ‘Til the Happens zu You’ at stopcat.org Women bei Music 2015

“Til the Happens to You” so is an Oscar contention, having currently been nominated weil das a Grammy. Gaga co-wrote the lied with Diane Warren, a seven-time Oscar nominee zum songs that oase been featured in filmsPearl Harbor, Armageddon und Beyond die Lights.

“I constantly tell this story around how Diane had kommen sie convince me the it was okay zu sing about this and reveal this thing about myself,” Gaga said prior to she performed during a reception adhering to a screening von the film.

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As she began zu tear up, Gaga thanked die filmmakers, saying, “Thank you for allowing me to be a part von something important authentic.”In die corner of the intimate gathering, she sat under at the keyboard v Warren kommen sie belt out ns melody weil das the party-goers, who included the filmmakers and several des the rape survivors and activists from the documentary.After herstellung performance, Gaga make a plea zu attendees, saying, “If you are acquisition care of young people in the industry, make sure sie ask castle lots of thing around their sexuality und well-being.”

Watch dame Gaga’s ‘Til that Happens kommen sie You’ Behind-the-Scenes Clip: Exclusive

The hollywood Reporter talked v Warren about her creative procedure behind writing die song. “It starts out vulnerable und then defiant, nur like die girls bei this movie,” she said. “I wanted to write a lied about what these girls walk through and I wanted it zu be empowering, und then outside of the movie i wanted it zu be whatever freundin wanted it kommen sie be about, favor bullying or grief.”Warren said her experience working v Gaga was “amazing.” Adding: “She lugged it kommen sie life. When i brought that to produziert it was a very somber ballad und she had this vision von making it this epic song.”Watch die music video zum “Til the Happens zu You” below.