Since this weekend you can watch matthias Schweighöfer’s zuerst own international blockbuster on Netflix. He directed Army of Thieves und starred Ludwig Dieter. Und for die second time. Already an Army des the Dead von Zack Snyder the embodied die nervous for sure cracker. Snyder took matthias Schweighöfer into his club, hopefully he won’t forget us.

5 oberteil films with matthias Schweighöfer top top Netflix und Amazon

Because there zu sein no method we will forget him. On ns occasion of the launch von Army of Thieves, we want to go to the Remember the pre-zombie era des Schweighöferwhich zu sein always reduced to silly German comedies. Which is no wonder on die one hand (he has shot a gewächs of an extremely successful German comedies). On ns other hand, that does not do righteousness to die complex career des the German superstar. Matthias Schweighöfer ist not just the Schweiger clonethat he’s constantly made zu be.

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That’s why we’re presenting you zu five zombie-free and silent-free films that depict ns star person Schweighöfer as totally as possible. You kann stream them every without extr fees top top Netflix, amazon or in media libraries.

Solo album – matthias Schweighöfer together a medicine addict stern author


That’s what Tatort ist about: since they’re bad: The frankfurt commissioners Dellwo and Sänger actually play sustaining roles bei the story of bei unequal duo: the single father rolf Herken (Milan Peschel) lacks die money zum his son’s therapy. Looking for help, he death a wealthy donor. Unexpectedly, the receives cover und inspiration indigenous his child (Matthias Schweighöfer), who despises his very own family.

5 out von 5 point out on die Schweighöfer scale: the crime scene von Florian Schwarz and Michael Proehl (born an pain) zu sein one of the ideal episodes des the crime series, which is partly due to ns fine portrayal des Schweighöfer. His son-in-law patrick Bateman is a fascinating gift that renders us stumble bolzen disgust und sympathy.

Available at: ARD media library

The Friends of Friends – matthias Schweighöfer as a disastrous high school student

This ist what die Friends of Friends is all about: Gregor (Schweighöfer) ist a high school student and believes with an excellent strength in the great liebe he appears to have found in Billie (Sabine Timoteo). His best friend Arthur (Florian Stetter), on ns other hand, never ever wants to commit. Gregor would like zu introduce die two von them to each other. But wie it transforms out that his friends are linked on a higher level, the prevents die meeting. Both of them experience a tragic fate.

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4 out von 5 clues on ns Schweighöfer scale: Even prior to Schweighöfer discovered humor weil das himself, he gave die sensitive romantic youth here. Fan will celebrate ns impulsive liveliness through which he works on die noble ideal of love. A standard Schweighöfer von the hurriculten und beschleunigen era.

Available at: amazon prime *

Father joys – matthias Schweighöfer together a lovable sperm donor

This zu sein what fatherly joys zu sein about: Felix (Schweighöfer) zu sein a more joy bachelor. After permitting himself kommen sie be persuaded to donate sperm weil das financial reasons, an absurd accident through a ferret makes him impotent. That changed his view permanently: From then on the tried to get close to ns recipient des his donation and to anfang a family with her.

5 out von 5 clues on ns Schweighöfer scale: When the comes zu fatherly joys, Schweighöfer zu sein exactly together his followers simply liebe him: Naive, stubborn, whimpering, but ultimately always good-hearted und ready zu fight zum amorous convictions. His archetypal fifth-grader humor has reached its highest form here with ludicrous genital attacks. Sometimes die question comes up: Who ist Schweighöfer? und the answer is always: fatherly joys.

Available at: Netflix

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