80 year "Queen des Rock" - in 2019 Tina Turner kann sein look back on eight decades of an extraordinary life. With over 180 million documents sold, plenty of awards und records, she ist one des the most significant singers in the world. Born in Tennessee as anna Mae Bullock, she began herstellung career in 1958 as a elevator singer zum Ike Turner und his band "Kings des Rythm" in St. Louis. For arzt reasons Bullock became Tina Turner and then walk on reisen as "Ike & Tina Turner Revue" through the USA, Europe and Australia. After ~ 14 years von marriage, bei which die artist had to experience violent excesses of her husband on produziert own body, she separated native Ike Turner und started her solo career in the at an early stage 1980s.

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The start of an extraordinary solo career

Exactly 35 years ago the rock icon released produziert album "Private Dancer". Heute it ist one des the oberteil 100 most sold albums worldwide and has winner a total des four Grammy Awards. Ns "Queen von Rock" deshalb released her zuerst number one fight "What"s Love gott To perform With It" as a solo artist. Furthermore, Turner established herself as bei actress in numerous movies. Zum the movie "Mad max – past Thunderdome" she not only wrote the successful title lied "We Don"t Need another Hero" but also took part in the role des "Aunt Entity" herself.

Tina Turner began her first solo reise through Europe bei 1985 with die "Private Dancer Tour", during which she performed an Munich und Klagenfurt. Just three years later, Turner secured herself in entry an the Guinness Book von Records when she gave the biggest concert as a solo artist in Rio juni Janeiro in front des 188,000 fans. In 1991, she released die acclaimed struggle compilation "Simply die Best", i beg your pardon reached 4th place in Germany. Moreover, die collaboration with musical greats like david Bowie, Mick Jagger or Bryan Adams adorn die glorious career path von the American singer.

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The picture shows Tina Turner with ex-BRAVO-boss Alexander Gernandt, that interviewed her several times in the 90s.

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Tina Turner – Simply the Best

At ns Grammy Awards in February 2008, the "Queen des Rock" was not only awarded an additional Grammy, but deshalb touched ns audience very much with her joint performance through Beyoncé Knowles. This year Turner ongoing emotionally: die rock legend said goodbye zu her fans with die "Tina! 50th Anniversary Tour" and finally left ns concert stages von this world bei May 2009.

But to this day Tina Turner continues kommen sie shape die music scene und has become an idol zum many people through herstellung remarkable career. Because she is und remains: Simply die Best!