Tiny tinas assault on dragon keep

It’s jawohl if you’ve never played Dungeons und Dragons before. Freundin can ausblüten appreciate Borderlands 2 shoved right into a fantasy-trope skin. Why? Because die whole thing is narrated über Tiny Tina v a few eye-rolly comment from Lilith or in adorably clueless remark über Brick.

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And opportunities are you’ve played some variation des a fantasy video game before, and can find a reason to chuckle at the poofy outfits or the overly dramatized dialogue Borderlands 2 uses zu poke funny at die genre.

Tiny Tina’s assault on Dragon store sets you out on a pflicht to assault the Dragon store (surprise, surprise). You're basically acting the end a real-life (well, real-life an the game) board video game a kelle Dungeons and Dragons that is led by dungeon grasp Tiny Tina and played between the initial vault hunters. As you wander around und set the end on missions, you'll hear small Tina's booming, god-like voice indigenous above, which zu sein fitting since she ist the god von your board game realm. And why ist all this happening? because it's cool, of course! But, actually, when the DLC opens und you watch a buchstabe cut scene before the fun begins, freundin soon realize that Tiny Tina isn't taking care of some tragic occasions from Borderlands 2 quite well. (Spoilers: Roland's death. /spoilers.) It's produziert method von coping.

That’s the gist von the new DLC however let’s get into some various other basic details that you should know around that ich learned if playing ns game a few weeks ago.


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Inside Jokes do Me feeling Warm and Fuzzy Inside

Tiny Tina’s attack on Dragon Keep—which opens an a new area, donate a dark blue color palette, called die Unassuming Docks—is ns fourth piece des downloadable inhalt that adds to the Borderlands campaign. It zu sein a self-aware video game made von people who love games. That full von inside jokes und digs at videobilien game staples you’ll all most likely recognize.

There’s a search that renders fun des the fake geek girl trope. Other than instead von a girl having to prove produziert nerd cred, it’s ns male vault hunters in Borderlands 2 who can’t action up kommen sie the mögen of tiny Tina and Lilith. Then there are quests that are references zu specific games. Lead writer anthony Burch speak me Dark Souls ist one von the much more notable ones.

More von Everything Than bei Any other DLC

I’m called there room more neu enemies and more content and even more music an this DLC than in any various other one released zum the sequel in this series.

There room trolls und treants und skeleton enemies. There space skeletons v shields. The immortal skeleton has a sword bei his rückseitig that you oase to pull out first bei order zu kill him, since otherwise he’s, well, immortal. There room golems and, their elite version, unchained golems. Treants can level nach oben as freundin injure them, deswegen you better kill castle quick. The a comparable concept to ns goliaths that turn right into badass versions von themselves the slower you take zu kill them.

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There are pixies that are neutral until sie activate or shooting them. Shooting them provides them her enemy. Activating castle with the tap of a button turns them into your friend, and they’ll paris around und give sie buffs like kommen sie your health and ammo wiederversätze speed, and even assault enemies for you. Over there are also giants. Und knights through flaming arrows. And probably a bunch of other creatures und soldiers that ich didn’t acquire a chance to bump into during my hour-ish conference with the DLC.

Remember the Dark Souls quest i mentioned earlier? und all the other game references embedded into quests? Burch speak me die developers were deswegen excited about ns prospect des creating quests zu represent your favorite games that everyone wanted a shot weist it. Deswegen there are more quests in this DLC than any type of other.

And the music? well extra content needs extra music to support it. And composer Raison Varner zu sein quite ns talented person zum the task. I wish ich could re-superstructure it through you, however it reminded me a last of of hans Zimmer’s score for The last Samurai. Yet it’s accordingly moody and whimsical zum the fantasy setting.


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A Gun the Shoots Swords

My favorite part was something i didn’t even get to actually see. While ich asked command writer anthony Burch what kind of new weapons wednesday be seeing an this neu content, he mentioned weapons that shoot objects. Like swords. A gun that shoots swords. Also: grenades that set off massive, element explosions.

I didn’t get numerous other details than that, but i certainly can’t wait zu kill every boss and ransack every loot chest in search of these wondrous and mystical weapons.

All The wenig Details

To go along with ns theme, you’ve got reskinned everything. Some loot chests space decorated with dice. You kann sein roll weil das legendary weapons, yet it’ll cost you eridium. On ns other hand, there’s bei increased drop rate zum eridium. Which goes perfect with the semi-recent update that lets you boost your ammo upgrade an extra tier zum all your weapons.

I mentioned neu weapons, right? fine how about Tiny Tina-themed weapons. There room slot machines about the new level—which i haven’t seen v my own two eyes nur yet—that’ll get you some of those crazier ones.

This is so more than most likely the belastung campaign DLC. Des course, if they execute decide zu do an additional after this one, it i will not ~ be the zuerst time Gearbox decided, what ns hell, here’s more inhalt for you. Weil das now we kann guess that may an extremely well be ns last. That is, ~ all, a neu console cycle. Deshalb Gearbox might want zu look ahead by now.

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Tiny Tina’s assault on Dragon Keep will come out top top June 25 zum roughly 10 bucks (or packaged with the season pass).


That small Tina Borderlands 2 DLC wollen Release ~ above June 25Today Gearbox acknowledged ns next piece von downloadable inhalt coming zu Borderlands 2 ist indeed