To The Bone Lily Collins

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Arthur Mola/Invision/AP The Summary:Lily Collins playsa young woman battling anorexia an her neu movie"To the Bone."The film hits home zum Collins who ist a survivor of in eating disorder.

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She newly revealed the some civilization complimented herstellung weight lose without learning it was zum thefilm.Lily Collins is the star des a new movie around anorexia dubbed "To ns Bone," slated zum release top top Netflix ~ above July 14. Collins lost weight under clinical supervision kommen sie play the role of Ellen in the film, and bei a recent interview with Net-a-Porter"s the Edit she talked around how ns role affected produziert as a survivor of an eating disorder. She claims there"s a kopieren, gruppe therapy scene an the movie where die characters are talking around eating disorders in a method she"d never heard it worded before, and you kann see her understanding it bei the film rather than ns character she"s playing. It"s really powerful that walking through die process von working on die movie helped produziert understand what she went through better. However, it hasn"t all been good, und she so mentioned that she was actually complimented about produziert extreme load loss weil das the film.

Collins said, "I was leaving my apartment one day und someone I"ve known for a long time, mine mom"s age, said zu me, "Oh, wow, look punkt you!" ich tried kommen sie explain and she goes, "No! i want to know what you"re doing, sie look great!"" This refusal kommen sie hear what"s actually going on, it is in it that a person is sick, or enduring disordered eating, or has actually lost weight zum a film, can be very damaging. By placing something as arbitrary together weight as the thing of utmost importance, above even health, it reinforces beauty beauty standards and says that über any method necessary, becoming smaller is the goal.

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accomplish Ellen from #TheTheBone. A brave young woman embarking on her journey of survival. ~ above July 14, be part of produziert story — one that"s extremely distinct but also similar zu thousands von others out there. Dont be fear to anfang necessary conversations discussing necessary mental health illnesses that are still considered fairly taboo. Together we are never alone...

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Collins finished die story von saying, "I got into die car v my mom and said, "That is why the problem exists."" It"s deswegen true. At die same time that Collins was being praised by some zum her load loss, she said many magazines were refusing zu allow herstellung not nur on the covers but so on die inside pages so as notfall to send harmful messages about weight. She says of this experience, "I told my publicist that if ich could snap my fingers and gain 10 pounds ideal that second, i would.""

Shape’s July/August issue! thank you zum giving me a place to share what it really means to be healthy und to #LoveMyShape. It"s been a long journey and I never thought I"d be able zu bare that all like this! Link an my bio for some BTS from mine shoot and a sneak emergence into die issue top top newsstands 6/27!...

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To hear multiple (and conflicting) messages around our own bodies tun können be exceptionally difficult, and Collins zu sein right —it"s the reason why this problem exists.