Check in time zum VIP upgrades:Scream: 4:30pmRoom 483: 2pmHumanoid: 5:15pmKings von Suburbia: 4pm

Early entry: 6:45pm

Doors opening weist 7pm


A girl asked if lock could zeigen a person that doesn’t understand them one song of each album, i beg your pardon ones would they pick. Schrei: Monsoon | 483: Don’t jump | Humanoid: automatically | KOS: LWLYB | DM: something new. Und all an English – via 

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Someone asked something about old songs und IBNI again und Bill claimed “why perform u want us kommen sie play this? This zu sein music weil das children” – via 

The Twins will release their publication during ns summer hopefully. There will be two versions of it – via 

what room their greatest “What ifs”. They had to think a loooot about this. Tom said What if we wouldn’t have met our stepfather. And Bill is going zu ignore ns crowd and sing black again. Weil das Georg : tom answered and says what if freundin wouldn’t schutz met us? and Georg approved. Gustav said nothing. Tom kommen sie Georg: What if you’d never oase met Bill and me? und Georg said: aaand Gustav! Tom: you would be homeless under a leg – via 

They might imagine shooting a film based on your book, rechnung would liebe to. But because there möchte be 2 versions von the book rechnung could imagine shooting two films. Bill thinks david Kross (a german actor) bei his role. Tom has kommen sie think around it due to the fact that he has to find zu find who perfect. Georg thinks johnny Depp could be great an Tom’s duty – via 

Georg gott a Tshirt from a fan, die front claimed smth favor “I’m the best bashist ever” and the back said “And tom Kaulitz approves” – via 

They don’t yes, really think around a best des tour because bill thinks they already play your best lied – via 

They think lied from the zuerst album are too childish now und they don’t stand for who lock are now – via 

How does rechnung create your songs? Hé has die melodies first und then the writes ns lyrics. They have many versions des each songs. Easy has zum example sechs versions – via 

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The guys are bei such a good mood today, ns Q&A was more chilled 보다 usual und they seemed to enjoy the weather – via 

About die backstage tour : the lasted about one year zu build the stage. Team point des view : the maßband is an extremely professional and a wenig bit authoritarian they understand What castle want to do. After ~ the show they debrief with ns crew and say what walk well und what didn’t. – via 

About Bill’s tatoo top top his arm (the mermaid) : it’s a love tatoo, around pure liebe without sex or differences – via 

Scream exterior again. They played Black, cotton Candy Sky and Something New zum Soundcheck – via 

The zeigen has began – 8:45pm



Bill: this zu sein special gig for us in a very special city where we haven`t been to in a lang time. – 
_SandraZ_) april 1, 2017

Bill showed his middlefingers during Better at “no one liked you anyway” –

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Ink_Stained_) april 1, 2017

You recognize it’s notfall 2005 or 2010 anymore when bill says “I love when the audience is drunk as fuck”. – durch

Somebody ask rechnung if he take into consideration that he has actually a drinking belästigung