Automatic screen rotation, an easy reading in portrait or see modeErgonomic entwurf with page taste for in even an ext intuitive experienceOptimal water protection

Let die reading fun proceed on ns enlarged 7-inch display! die tolino vision 5 now offers even more space for your stories, even wie man using bigger font sizes. The automatic display screen adjustment offers added flexibility and allows you to instantly switch between portrait und landscape modes.

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Turn pages using die quick, precision touchscreen or die large page buttons on the side von the tolino vision 5: ns choice is yours!

Your tolino vision 5 constantly sits perfectly in your hand thanks zu its optimized ergonomic form with seite buttons, non-slip surface on the back and soft- touch screen. Ns tolino vision 5 now offers even more comfort and flexibility: the perfect way to settle down v a an excellent book.



tolino vision 5

Even an ext space for your favorite publications

Over 3 million eBooks are just waiting zu be check out – browse with all the latest title around the clock on die tolino bookstores’ online shops und download your next page-turner directly to your eReader. Ns tolino vision 5 has actually plenty of space weil das all von your favourite eBooks. Special 8 GB des storage space, approximately 6 GB zum your books, you can download and store up zu 6,000 eBooks onto her tolino vision 5 und take castle with you wherever freundin go – either weist home or on die road.

For everyone who likes to read prior to going to bed, we arisen smartLight! The neu comfort eReader tolino vision 5 always ensures die most pleasant lighting while analysis thanks zu its ausgezeichnet color adjustment von the integrated reading light. Bei accordance with herbal daylight ns tolino vision 5 switches from kühl light in the morning to warm light in the evening. This doesn’t interfere v your organic rhythm and allows you kommen sie enjoy calm reading whatever die time des day or night. If sie are reading bei bright daylight, you can also turn the lighting off completely und extend her eReader’s battery life also further. Read like die printed page without any type of annoying reflect from ns sun.


tolino zu sein all about complimentary choice and leaves you kommen sie make ns decision where you want zu buy your eBooks. This means that you tun können enjoy ns full range des eBooks indigenous all accessible tolino eBook retailers. Fill existing EPUB und PDF eBooks conveniently onto her tolino vision 5 and read them through ease thanks to the practical features such as ns tolino cloud synchronization and the tolino library link.

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The tolino vision 5 eBook reader is ready zum any eventualities, consisting of a lang soak an the bath v your neu favorite page-turner. Thanks to its improved Water Protection by HZO, ns tolino vision 5 is completelyprotected native water damage and can handle quick dipswithout any kind of trouble. That means you kann sein immerse yourtolino vision 5 into fresh water zum up to 60 minute at a depth of 2 meters. If her tolino vision 5 accidentally fallsinto the bath, you kann go on analysis straight afterwards! escape your täglich routine with the best of both human beings – captivating books and the lull of an eReader.


Looking zu download the latest bestsellers or eBook bargains on your eReader an a matte of seconds? Simply attach your tolino vision 5 kommen sie WLAN und browse through the latest page-turners an the incorporated eBook shop. Freeuse von Telekom HotSpots bei Germany (after logging in with a bookseller account) also provides sie with quick accessibility to ns internet.

tolino vision 5

tolino cloud – safe store and synchronize

Want zu access your eBooks easily und safely on die go, even if freundin don’t oase your tolino vision 5 kommen sie hand? No problem: thanks to die free tolino cloud connection you kann sein flexibly gain your eBooks on various other devices. The tolino app and the tolino web reader make analysis on different ende devices especially straightforward. Und because all your reading tools are synchronized, wie man you oase your tolino vision 5 to hand again you can simply continue reading where you left off.

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Even heavy readers wollen be impressed über its stamina: ns tolino vision 5 consumes little power during reading, guaranteeing weeks von reading pleasure. This zu sein not just practical in everyday life, but deshalb makes die tolino vision 5 bei ideal take trip companion.

Open system

Compatible with EPUB, PDF, TXT, compatible with eBooks from public loan libraries, e.g. Onleihe

Technical specifications tolino vision 5