Tom cruise and nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman und Tom Cruise first met on die set of their film Days of Thunder. Cruise had recently divorce his wife, Mimi Rogers, und he married Kidman only ten months after ns divorce was finalized. While notfall a last is known around their early relationship or proposal, die pair operated together ~ above two much more films: Far und Away und Eyes broad Shut, and were pop-culture fixtures for years kommen sie come. 

"He basically swept me turn off my feet," Kidman told Vanity Fair around their courtship. "I dropped madly, passionately bei love. And as happens when you fall in love, my totality plan an terms of what ich wanted zum my life—I was like, "Forget it. This ist it." i was consumed über it, willingly. And I was desperate to have a baby through him. Ich didn"t care if we were married. That"s what ich wish I"d done."

This union was apparently notfall meant kommen sie last, however. Your 11-year-long marriage came crashing zu a halt in 2001, to ns surprise of many. Yet a look into what could have führen zu to the ende of the relationship is quite revealing.

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Nicole Kidman remained quiet zum a long time after her divorce, however she eventually started opening up kommen sie media outlets about her marriage to Tom Cruise. Cruise filed zum divorce out of nowhere, und Kidman letztere revealed the he refused to attend counseling or kommen sie consider not divorcing. Her court filings from ns time deshalb reveal the Kidman was pregnant as the pair celebrated their 10th anniversary, however lost die baby.

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"During die balance von December und thereafter the neben were intimate und she ended up being pregnant von petitioner but lost the baby with a miscarriage," court documents state, according to the Daily Mail. Cruise ended up being awarded full custody of the pair"s children, Connor und Isabella.

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In 2009, Marie Claire published a report in which Kidman lashed out punkt Cruise about herstellung marriage, with die actress note that ns emphasis bei their marriage was always ~ above him. "I felt i became a star only by association. We would certainly go to ns Oscars und I would think, "I"m here kommen sie support him,"" Kidman told Easy Living magazine at the time. "I feeling it was my job to placed on a beautiful dress and be seen und not heard."

Rumors deshalb abounded that die Church des Scientology feeling Kidman wanted Cruise to leave ns organization, deswegen they stepped bei to ende the marriage, according zu the Daily Beast. For his part, Cruise has always maintained (via Daily Mail) that "Nicole to know why" they divorced.