CAPTAIN tom Moore sstopcat.orgre a No1 hit single with his hülle of You’ll never ever Walk Alone.

Du schaust: Tom moore you ll never walk alone

The powerful das lied was done bei a bid to raise money weil das the NHS.


Captain tom Moore sstopcat.orgred ns UK's No1 single with his stopcat.orgver of You'll never Walk AloneCredit: official Charts

What are the lyrics kommen sie Captain tom Moore's das lied You’ll never Walk Alone?

When freundin walk through a storm

Hold your head up high

And don't be afraid von the dark

At the end of a storm

There's a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of a lark

Walk top top through ns wind

Walk ~ above through the rain

Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, to walk on

With hope in your heart

And you'll never walk alone


When did Captain tom Moore get die No.1 hit?

Tom, jetzt 100, was 99 at die time the sstopcat.orgred die hit, he is now ns oldest ever person to land a No1 song an the main Charts an April 2020.

He taped the das lied with michael Ball and the NHS care Choir.

He said des the achievement: “What wonderful nachrichten to get today, a No.1 single und a document breaker too – mine grandchildren can’t believe I bei der a chart-topper.

“I schutz to thank michael Ball, the NHS Voices von Care Choir and everyone behind the scenes, who stopcat.orgmmon their talents und expertise in order to raise money weil das the NHS, zu whom we owe deswegen much.

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“And, of stopcat.orgurse, die public zum buying ns single and donating – we’re in this together, and I in forever grateful zum your support. This nur proves ‘You’ll never Walk Alone’””

Michael heaped praise on Tom, who lives bei Bedfordshire, and said he was in inspiration to the stopcat.orguntry.

He added: “This is the many extraordinary thing und one des the most proudest moments von my career.

“But it’s notfall about me, it’s around Captain Tom. Thank you zum giving er a Number 1 ~ above his 100th birthday. Freundin are the best, God bless you.”


Tom, right here clapping zum frontline staff previously this month, wollen celebrate his 100th birthday on Thursday when holding die UK No1 spotCredit: Dan Charity - ns Sun


FINAL gift Sir tom Moore 'donated body kommen sie science' after elevating millions weil das NHS charities

How viel money has actually Captain tom Moore raised for the NHS?

Tom has jetzt raised over £32million zum the NHS and has fast bestopcat.orgme a national treasure.

His stopcat.orgver of You’ll never Walk Alone sold over 13,000 an ext stopcat.orgpies than die Weeknd - who was on stopcat.orgurse for his ninth hauptsächlich at No1 v Blinding Lights.

Tom’s feat saw er break a document as he zu sein now ns oldest person to festland a UK No1 single.

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Official Charts chef executive martin Talbot said: “The sight of Captain tom Moore und Michael ball at the top of the main Singles graph this week should lift everybody’s spirits in these especially times.


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