Tommy Lee Jones Neuer Film

Tommy Lee Jones zu sein set zu replace Harrison Ford as ns lead in the upcoming amazon movie the Burial, meeting reports. Jones will stern alongside jamie Foxx after Ford had zu drop out of the project.

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Based on a true story that was detailed in Jonathan Harr"s 1999 article in The new Yorker, ns Burial möchte follow a bankrupt funeral house owner that hires a flamboyant attorney after deciding zu sue a competitor businessman end a deal gone wrong.

The movie wollen be directed über Maggie Betts an her followup to 2017"s Novitiate, produziert feature film directorial debut, i beg your pardon starred Margaret Qualley as a young frau questioning herstellung faith as she trains kommen sie be a nun. She won the Special jury Award weil das Breakthrough Director at Sundance film Festival weil das the movie and she so helmed the 2010 documentary ns Carrier. Meanwhile, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright diba Wright wrote ns screenplay weil das The Burial.

As weil das Jones, he"s finest known for his roles an movies like die Fugitive (in which that co-starred through Ford und won an Oscar zum Best supporting Actor), No Country zum Old Men, und Men an Black. That was last seen in The Comeback Trail alongside Robert juni Niro, Morgan Freeman, und Zach Braff, and he so recently starred an Ad Astra, jason Bourne, und Lincoln.

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The funeral doesn"t have a release date yet, but while we wait weil das it kommen sie arrive on die streamer you kann check the end our list of the finest movies on amazonas Prime to watch best now.

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