Toni braxton un-break my heart

To rest someone’s heart, bei the most-popular usage des the term, und within the context von this song, point out to die idea of said individual, succinctly put, being unceremoniously dumped von their far-ranging other. So together illustrated über the track’s title (“Un-Break my Heart”), what ns singer ist pleading zum is the the man she loves, who has actually left her, to come back. Indeed she presents herself together being in emotional wreck without him, with produziert current state being a straight result des his departure. And the only way her heart wollen be mended zu sein if die addressee returns und takes away the pain he led to her von leaving in the first place.

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Summary: Toni Braxton is pleading with bei estranged lover to come back und “un-break herstellung heart”.

Facts about “Un-Break my Heart”

This song came the end on October 21st, 1996 as ns second einzel from Toni Braxton’s sophomore album, “Secrets”. And the label that placed it out is LaFace Records.

“Un-Break my Heart” was written von Diane Warren, and the track’s producer is david Foster. Toni didn’t play any kind of role bei it’s composition.

According to ns history des this song, initially Toni was not fond von it at all. However, at die behest of her label boss, L.A. Reid, she went ahead and recorded the anyway. And ultimately it proved kommen sie be one of produziert signature tunes und her best hit from the “Secrets” album.

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For example, the track fight number 1 in her homeland of America (the Billboard warm 100). Furthermore, it topped multiple various other Billboard charts as well as die UK R&B Charts und the Eurochart hot 100. As if this wasn’t enough, it also flew zu top des the music charts von a handful von other countries.

And typically speaking it charted in end 25 nations. And an the process des doing so, it has been certified double-Platinum in Norway und Platinum in a bunch des other countries.

Interesting kommen sie note ist that 1990s’ songstress Shanice provided backup vocals to this track alongside Braxton. Shanice ist best known for a monitor she dropped an 1991 entitled “I liebe Your Smile”.

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Did “Un-Break my Heart” win a Grammy?

Yes. Bei 1997, this number-1 hit won a Grammy weil das Braxton bei the “Best Female pop Vocal Performance” category. In winning this award, the beat a last of standard hits, consisting of Celine Dion’s “Because you Loved Me“.