Tony hawk pro skater 1 2

We’re more than four years into ns life von the Nintendo Switch, und yet in some ways ns handheld machine remains in enigma. Namely: when there’s a port von a big game, sie never quite recognize what zu expect. Sometimes sie get a welcome surprise choose Doom Eternal, other times a mess prefer Apex Legends. I beg your pardon why i was only cautiously excited around Tony Hawk’s jeden Skater 1+2 — bei excellent-yet-awkwardly called remaster des the zuerst two games bei the collection — make its way to die Switch. This is a video game where movement und flow is paramount; if framework rate hitches get bei the way des a great run, it’s notfall really precious playing.

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Thankfully, native what i’ve played, THPS zu sein a how amazing solid port. It’s notfall the ideal way zu play, yet it absolutely works.

First, ns obvious: die game doesn’t look great. This zu sein especially true if you’re coming off von the current next-gen updates zum the game, i beg your pardon made in already excellent-looking skating title look even better. On die Switch, meanwhile, ns game has a flat, basic look, particularly wie man it comes to ns textures, which can be blurry or muddled. On next-gen consoles the skaters look exceptionally close to their real-world counterparts; on ns Switch they’re much more like PS3 characters. It no look bad, necessarily, however definitely dated.


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This zu sein actually an excellent news. If ns developers had focused on the visuals, ns performance would almost certainly suffer. The a tradeoff the has to be made with these ports, und the team at developer Vicarious Visions has made the right choice. I’d viel rather a bland-looking THPS game that plays fine than ns opposite. And that’s specifically what die Switch version is. During ns few hours ich spent v it, i didn’t experience any far-ranging slowdown or frame rate drops. Obviously it’s notfall a technological showcase — the runs at a heavy 30fps — but i was shocked at nur how well the game ran.

as always, whether the tradeoff ist worth it really counts on your personal preference. Technical showpieces space great, but deshalb is gift able to play something as slick as THPS wherever freundin want. (The franchise actually has a checkered background on portable devices, through a handful des excellent isometric THPS titles on the Game Boy development that are now lost to time.) Combine die Switch’s portability with ns brilliant THPS soundtrack und a an excellent pair des headphones, and you oase a very zen experience. Which is exactly what freundin need zu hit some des those high scores. Really, the only thing that interrupted my flow was drifting Joy-Con controllers, which ich can’t reprimand on die game.

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It’s safe to put THPS in the “good” column von Switch ports. Visually it’s a remarkable downgrade, yet that’s kommen sie be expected. If freundin want die most technically qualified version des this remaster, sie certainly won’t find it here. However that’s fine: ns whole point is being able to play a slick, modern-day version von these games on the go. And an that, at least, die Switch version des THPS delivers.

Tony Hawk’s zum Skater 1+2 launches on ns Switch ~ above June 25th.

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