Too Good To Go App

I love apps that kann help me to direkt a much more eco-friendly lifestyle. I so love apps that wollen help me conserve money.

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From what i could check out online, too Good kommen sie Go seems to be die perfect combination.Due kommen sie that, i wanted to give this a real shot. Und believe me: this is not one des the sponsored/fake reviews the end there. I have not, and will never ever have, any direct relationship with any “environmental app”. Those important kommen sie me zu sein to figure out if it’s kind or not.

What is Too Good kommen sie Go and why walk it aid saving money and reduce food waste?

If you already recognize what too Good to Go is and have downloaded ns app: skip this part. It`s just going kommen sie be annoying weil das you. Go to die next headline.

For sie that zu sein interested: auch Good zu Go is in app that connects restaurants und hungry customers. Restaurants and bakeries all over the world develop a gewächs of food every day. Some of it zu sein thrown out. Too Good zu Go zu sein a platform that helps restaurants und cafes sell the food the is…. Too good zu go.Also read: 5 clever Eco-Apps kommen sie Reduce her Carbon Footprint

This is how a purchase generally works inside the app:

1) restaurants will, an the ende of the day, seen how much extra bread/chicken tikka masala/chocolate they oase left.2) in order kommen sie get rid des the food, they will open in ad on the app.3) with the google Maps duty implemented in the app, customers kann sein easily locate restaurants that sell die food.4) All ns food is discounted. It helps people kommen sie buy cheap dinner, und it helps restaurants to market all their food.

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5) freundin get a cheap dinner. The restaurant will be able to sell all their food. The planet wollen be happy as this ist a an extremely sustainable way von pushing “leftovers” kommen sie consumers.Win-Win-Win.

User interface und functionalities

PS! an the ende of this section you kann see a gewächs of screenshot that ich took with my phone.
They assist you kommen sie understand the system better.

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I always have two demands for downloading and using a new app:

1) that has zu create some value that I am currently lacking in my life.2) die UX (user experience) needs to be top notch. Ich hate apps the do notfall work properly.Luckily, too Good to Go schutz both. There are loads des easy sachen on the app. Detect restaurants und good offers is very easy. Signing hoch = no belästigt at all. Including your credit card die info = easier done than said.