Top things to do in stuttgart

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Du schaust: Top things to do in stuttgart

I referred to as Stuttgart home zum six years. While ich loved living here i didn’t write about it often. Stuttgartis ns sixth-largest city in Germany with a population of over 600,000 (but over two million wie you include die larger metropolitan area). It’s a green stadt with plenty von parks and hilly vineyards neighboring it. Roughly 20% von the festland is dedicated to parks und greenery.

About Stuttgart

In Germany, nature ist revered as in important part of overall health, deshalb there room trails everywherein die city and connect to neighboring communities nearby.

Being the home des Mercedes and Porsche, it is alsoa wealthy area with low crime. Nightlife zu sein abundant (as long as sie know where to look) und with die after-hours clubs, you can party 24/7.

There are also many opportunities zum families, social enthusiasts, and outdoor lovers.

This article provides 28 von the best jene to see und do in this city. Whether you nur moved here or just have a few days to explore, this list uses plenty des options kommen sie keep freundin busy.


By the 1900’s Stuttgart had actually grown dafür much the they decided to build a new station 500 meters away und held a planning competition for the design, which was completed in 1923. In 1952 the famous mercedes logo was added together a way zum the station kommen sie finance improvements.

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16. Accomplish Your Cravings hinweisen Markthalle

Markthalle, or industry hall, is a huge indoor sector packed with vendors specializing bei everything from Indian spices zu Alaskan salmon, from French macarons kommen sie Italian wines.


Built in 1914, there are 33 stalls v a substantial selection of items to choose from. Die second floor has a gewächs of home great items und a restaurant as well. If sie are downtown this makes for in easy stop as it ist right in the heart von the city.


Take a go Tour von the City

Want in in-depth walking tour where you kann sein learn all around Stuttgarts colorful history and culture? ich recommend taking a 120 minute guided walking tour where you’ll visit ns most well-known areas von the city und learn about ns history des the area.

Stuttgart Exclusive city Walk

17. Walk v Bärenschlosspark

The Bärenschlosspark area, (Bear castle Park) ist a wonderful place weil das outdoor lovers. It ist a large park that has actually three lakes, theBärensee, nachrichten See und Pfaffensee, which are connected über a network des trails. There zu sein a klein castle dubbed Bärenschloss in the middle von the park. It zu sein more of a small palace, and today it has actually been converted kommen sie a seasonal restaurant. This makes zum a an excellent spot kommen sie stop and enjoy a coffee or glass von wine.

With the large network of trails in the area, sie can also walk or bike from die Solitude castle (Schloss Solitude) kommen sie Bärenschloss in less than two miles. Look zum Parkplatz (parking lot) signs in the area. There ist the Parkplatz Bärensee und a few others in the area. Nur like countless places near Stuttgart, parking kann sein fill quickly, specifically on ns weekends.

18. Explore ns Green ‘U’

Stuttgart ranks as die greenest city bei Germany und one von the greenest bei Europe.


The huge Green U zu sein a greenbelt the extends virtually 5 miles just north des the train station. Right now there is a huge project (Stuttgart 21) zu completely renovate the hauptsächlich train station, which wollen bring all von the train lines underground. Wie completed in 2025, this will open up even more green space to ns area.

Inside the Green U zu sein a large beer garden (biergarten) referred to as Schlossgarten. There is a stage with regular direkt events und it ist big enough that you kann sein usually find a seat. The zoo, Wilhelma, is so part von the environment-friendly belt. Northwest des the park ist Killesburg which has a large tower overlooking the city (see #5).

A large network von trails connects this beautifully manicured area through ponds, huge trees, und grassy areas to schutz a picnic or merely enjoy the outdoors.

19. Take it a Hop On, Hop Off bus Tour

Purchase a 24-hour pass aboard a Hop-On Hop-Off visit tour. Take it either die green heat or blue line (or both) und check the end all the beautiful areas von Stuttgart consisting of Schlossplatz,Killesburg Park, Karlshöhe, ns TV Tower, and more.

Click here kommen sie purchase a Hop-On Hop-Off sightseeing Tour

20. Take it a bicycle tour

If you enjoy obtaining on a cycle to seen the sights, i highly introduce doing a bike tour. I bei der not in avid cyclist but ich found this zu be one of my favourite ways zu explore die area!


There are two ways to go around this. The zuerst is zu do a tour. There zu sein a agency called Stuttgart by Bike,which uses a lot of different reisen options such as Stuttgart von Night und a Vineyards tour. They are sensibly priced too, starting at nur 25 Euro und going up to 50 euro per person.


If you schutz the time und want to explore outside the city, ich would highly recommend Siebenmuhlental. This area, just south von Stuttgart und close to ns airport, is made up des 7 mills (sieben = seven, muhlental = mills) that have been converted kommen sie biergartens.

I’d opt weil das the longer reisen on Sunday deswegen you kann sein enjoy her time and see everything. It’s a beautiful area von rolling hills, fields, farms, charming villages, and of course biergartens!

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If you decide to do a self-guided tour, there is a great app that has actually all ns trails referred to as VVS Radroutenplaner. Over there is in app zum Google play, Android, und iOS. From below you kann click ‘English’, then develop your route.

There is also the möglichkeit to search ’Themed Routes’. They schutz the Siebenmuhlentalroute and many other routes. If freundin click on one the route will appear. Other areas I’d think about exploring are die Neckar River, die Green-U, or acquiring a an excellent workout und exploring some of the hilly vineyard locations that möchte take sie outside des the city.

There are bike rental einkaufen around the stadt which möchte be your ideal bet. DeutscheBahn has actually a call a bike service that renders it simple to rent. Freundin register via their app, über calling, or visiting a terminal (search google Maps to find one).

If you use ns app, it enables you to find obtainable bikes an the area. From here you kann sein select und rent her bike, and it prices 1 euro every 30 minutes. They also have a lock so you tun können stop, take it a break, and not worry about it gift taken. Die website has actually more info about die bikes und how zu rent them.


21. Schutz brunch weist Shönbuch Brauhaus or Amadeus

Something the many civilization may notfall be conscious of is that Germany is known for their great brunch! Brunch zu sein not something freundin do for in hour or so, it is actually a great und leisurely way to spend time with family und friends ~ above a Sunday.

Typically brunch runs from roughly 10am – 3pm. Throughout the day die menu changes und different spreads are carried out bei accordance with die time. An the morning castle serve numerous breakfast items, then approximately midday they carry out lunch-type food, and in the afternoon they serve desserts.

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At Shönbuch, beere is on tap und unlimited. It’s deshalb a great way to prüfung out your beere pouring skills!

When us used zu go kommen sie Amadeus, they had a fantastic dish with salmon und a horseradish whipping cream. Die menu changes often deswegen it’s most likely they’ll serve various items every week.

Costs: that costs about 20-30 euro per person und usually specialty coffees are notfall included.

22. Bierbike through Stuttgart

Although this isn’t unique to Stuttgart, going on a bier bike ist always a fun experience. This makes zum a fun event or celebration. The bier bike can hold up zu 17 people and has a keg und bar top.

Image über Harold ns Cologne

Don’t think you tun können just sit back und relax, though, as there are pedals so you kann sein keep that moving!

More die info about pricing and scheduling your event kann be found on their website.This does require that you plan ahead, dafür be sure to schedule your event well ahead von time.

23. Explore ns Schwein (pig) Museum

Where else bei the world can you have a birthday splitter linterparty all when learn about slaughtering pigs? but seriously, this Pig museum ist massive. It has over 27 themed rooms all devoted to die Schwerin. Many rooms schutz sculptures, knick-knacks, ceramics, and other pig items. That a wenig quirky, but a fun museum kommen sie visit v kids.

24. Climb ns Killesburg Tower

Located hinweisen Killesburg park (known to the locals as Höhenpark), ns large tower overlooks the city. Once sie climb ns 174 steps you are rewarded v a view von the park, die city, und the hilly Swabian woodland beyond.

There are plenty of other dinge to do here und many room family-friendly. Take a ride on one of two people a vapor train or diesel train that zu sein a favorite weil das the kids. The takes freundin around ns park and is a fun way to lakers the area. Over there is so a petting zoo und a huge playground.

Everyone kann enjoy walking paths und well-maintained flower beds. These large gardens room magnificent und you’ll uncover flowers des all varieties.

In ns summer months there are countless festivals and live mirrors held punkt the open air theater, with ns most popular event being die annual festival of lights.

25. Enjoy a Night at die Museums(Lange Nacht der Museen)

Once a year in March, Stuttgart opens up over 80 museums und galleries zum the annual lang Night at die Museums.

The exhibitions are open from 7pm – 2am und there are bus shuttles kommen sie bring guests to locations around die city.

I think the most amazing exhibit is the bunker under the city at Wilhemsplatz. Ns bunker ist normally close up door off, however on this night it’s opened to commemorate the ende of World zu sein II. There are videos of witnesses recounting their experiences an Stuttgart und other exhibits discussing the events. Fahrkarte are 20 Euros for adults and 5 Euros zum children age 6-11.

26. Visit the state Museum des Natural background (Naturkunde Museum Stuttgart)

With over 11 million objects available zum viewing, the Natural history Museum just north des downtown Stuttgart zu sein one of the largest bei the country. Inspect out fossils up to 250 million year ago, und learn about ns natural history des the area. This is a good museum for kids und adults. Over there is bei area zum kids kommen sie dig zum fossils themselves. Most of the info is bei German, however, deshalb be certain to oase a translate app on her phone.

27. Gestanden Atop the TV Tower

Did you know the zuerst TV Tower wasbuilt an Stuttgart? that true. Built an 1956, ns tower was standing 217 meter high und can beseen native downtown Stuttgart.

While die antennae zu sein no longer active, today it zu sein open to the public wherein visitors can see ns panoramic views of the city, vineyards, und countryside for miles.

There is also a panorama cafe at ns top kommen sie take in the views. Book bei advance weil das skip-the-line tickets and don’t waste time standing in line.

For more die info including hours und parking, visit their official site.

28. Go on a alcohol Tasting Tour

Is there anything better than walking among ns vineyards on a warme spring or summer day und tasting wines from all over die area? in my opinion, this is about as an excellent as the gets!


Weinwanderung, or alcohol Hiking (yep, this ist a ja wirklich thing), zu sein quite popular in the Stuttgart Region. Wie you arrive in the city, one of the hallmarks von the hillside areas are die abundance des vineyards everywhere. Vintners from different regions gain together to form these wine hikes a few zeit a year. Because there are numerous different regions and towns, many hold their own. An fact, you tun können probably discover a wine hike every other weekend from May kommen sie September.

A nice feature of many des these alcohol hikes ist that you tun können take public transport right zu them, dafür you don’t need to worry about who’s driving. This website has information on all die wine to walk throughout die year und details zum each one.


One des my favorites zu sein the Esslingen wine Walk. To get below from downtown Stuttgart, you kann take ns S1 towards Kirchheim. Ich like it because it’s held in mid-May when ns temperatures are perfect, and Esslingen zu sein one von my favorite towns an the area.

Pro Tip! If freundin make it kommen sie every stand weil das a alcohol tasting, you’ll gain a cost-free wine tasting at die end.

This is an incredibly well-known wine walk, dafür I recommend gaining there plenty early. If you are driving, you’ll most likely need to search zum a side straße if ns parking garages space full. Ns train ist much easier but I’ve thrust there numerous times und found parking without much hassle.


Another well-known one is bei Untertürkheim, an area nur north von Stuttgart. Over there are five stands zum tastings (but you are welcome zu purchase as much as sie want), and after 7pm there is a splitterpartei that goes till midnight.

Short on Time? i recommend checking out a guided alcohol tour bei the area.

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