Torment Tides Of Numenera Tipps

Torment: Tides of Numenera is a game des many words, und the early parts von the saga can be rather overwhelming there is no a help hand. If did you do it played die original Torment, or room a constant player of cRPGs, you should be just fine. However if sie need a little more aid with acquiring started, finding splitterpartei companions, or navigating kommen sie useful parts von the Sagus Cliffs area, then check out on.

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These room my experiences with the review build des the game. If you’re reading this an six month time (or more) then specific aspects may schutz changed, patched, und so on.

Castoff Creation

Part des the joy of these games zu sein roleplaying as ns character freundin want zu be, deshalb don’t take it any des this as ns gospel truth und one true path. You can’t choose every advantageous skill (of course), and Torment: Tides von Numenera gives freundin plenty von ways (companions, various other quest options) of getting approximately character limitations.

The three playable ‘classes’ (Glaive, Jack, Nano), generally correspond to die three taste stats; Might, Speed, Intellect, respectively. But freundin won’t be locked into that path. Ich ended hoch as a Jack with a heavy investment bei Intellect (for speech checks and various other reasons).


Stats, the old reliable friend of any kind of RPG character.

It ist a an excellent idea to oase at the very least one of Intimidation (linked to Might), Deception, or Persuasion (both linked zu Intellect) punkt your disposal. There are last of decided checks in the game, und having weist least one von these (if notfall two or three, ultimately) kann sein open nach oben a gewächs of conversation resolutions.

Anamnesis ist another valuable skill zu take at an early stage on in Torment: Tides of Numenera. This gives freundin a creme to checks wie regaining lost memories (during interactions v NPCs, objects und so on). Early in the game there are a whole lot of this opportunities. You’ll not only obtain experience points for succeeding, but parts of the last Castoff’s story too.

I’d also suggest Lore: Machinery. There space a last of curious devices laying around Sagus Cliffs, and being able zu figure the end how zu use them zu sein always beneficial.


I typical look punkt this thing. Freundin definitely want zu be able to tinker with this.

If she planning zu get right into a struggle or two, part skill in Light, medium or heavy weapons wollen obviously be helpful. Not absolutely vital though – ich finished ns game there is no the last Castoff being training bei any von those things.

Where to Recruit passionate Companions

In Torment: Tides des Numenera, splitter linterparty companions won’t nur help freundin during a situation combat encounter. You can so make use des their skills und stat pools throughout many of the skill check events in the game. Save that in mind wie putting your splitterpartei together, so you oase a nice wide range of skills covered. Freundin may not end up gaining Lore: machinery yourself, but if one des your splitterpartei does climate you can use their field of expertise as a boost wie required.

Each of the sechs companions can be found bei the erste major city hub, Sagus Cliffs. Here’s wherein they all are (skip over this teil if sie don’t desire minor spoilers).

Callistege and Aligern (Nanos): you can’t miss them, because they’ll be introduced to you appropriate after the introduction and character creation. It’s notfall possible to have both des them bei your splitterpartei at when (they’re notfall best pals), so you’ll need zu ditch one or both nearly immediately after meeting them. Callistege heads back to the Order des Truth building, if Aligern sets trost back in the Underbelly region.


Callistege and Aligern were there weist your birth, deshalb I guess: v they’re technically her god parents or something.

Tybir (Jack): ns guy you’re most likely zu run into next. He’s an Circus Minor, close to where his partner an crime Ris is being put zu death. If freundin agree to help Ris out, then he’ll sign up with your party. If you dismiss him he’ll it is in up bei Caravanserai (the oberteil left corner von the map) ‘disguised’ as in Aeon Priest.


Well, this is unpleasant.

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Erritis (Glaive): He’s in the Cliff’s leaf area des Sagus Cliffs, by a crashed airship. It’s over on die left hand side of the map, just by the method to und from Circus Minor. He is glowing gold, so he’s not too difficult kommen sie spot. If freundin ask er to leave ns group, he’ll go and stand rückseitig by ns airship.


Erritis gives sie his CV.

Rhin (Lost Child): You’ll discover her von interacting und investigating ns collapsed house to ns north of the purple triangle sculpture in Cliff’s Edge. If sie want to recruit her you’ll schutz to zuerst see off ns Thugs who nur up, and then convince herstellung slaver owner the it’s a great idea for her to tag along with freundin (doing dafür will give you some Tidal understanding as well). Wie man dismissed indigenous the splitterpartei she’ll go back to the collapsed house.


Every collapsed building needs its very own orphan.

Matkina (Jack): Your hauptsächlich questline in Sagus Cliffs ist ultimately to find Matkina, deswegen she’ll nur up eventually. She’s bei the cavern of tonnage Words, reached von sorting out the underground problems with the Stichus. If dismissed, she’ll go back there.

Another an essential companion item the you’ll pick nach oben through pursuing die critical path is the bronze Sphere (a acquainted item zum Torment fans). Utilizing this, you can summon and dismiss companions at will (as lang as you have space bei the party).

Keep in mind that companions will notfall level hoch when far from you. If you sub somebody an late in the game, they i will not ~ be as useful an a fight or in contributing v extra skills.

When you happen upon who who kann upgrade the armour of your companions (around halfway through the game), take trost that offer for as numerous as you tun können afford. Sie won’t get another chance.

A Place to Lay your Head

Early in the game, ~ finishing a few quests, you’ll probably discover your stat pools getting low and needing somewhere to sleep in order kommen sie refresh them. There space two possible spots in Sagus Cliffs; one an Circus boy with ns Cult des the transforming God, und one up in Caravanserai directly listed below where the silver aliens cave out. The CotCG möchte charge 40 Shins (unless freundin join them, then ich think it’s totally free – but i didn’t carry out that, so there might be various other consequences), while the Inn wollen cost freundin 20 Shins von party member. Depending upon how many splitter linterparty members you have, then, one could be slightly cheaper than ns other.

Remember that occasionally (though rarely) quests will progress wie you sleep. If there’s ausblüten a murderer punkt large, they may strike again.

Redistribution of Wealth

If you need some easy, beforehand Shins, remember that holding under Tab (default) will nur you areas of the map that can be looted (hand icon). There space two spots bei Cliff’s Edge, near die three orphan children and the lost Stichus. That should earn freundin enough for one sleep at the CotCG hinweisen least. Keep in eye out weil das similar looting possibilities.

For another great source von Shins, any type of Numenera freundin find that are labelled together ‘Oddities’ schutz no specific use past their sale value. Some of them do have fun wenig functions to play approximately with, but none des them möchte suddenly become vital quest items danach on (at least, i never ich renne weg into that). That way you can sell lock without viel concern.

Curiosity may Improve die Cat

Be together curious together possible und try zu interact v everything when offered. Torment: Tides von Numenera ist a game of discovery, dafür if sie get a wahrscheinlichkeit to support your hand into a bizarre device, or drink part dubious liquids, offer it a go. You might die, yet even that kann be useful. There are points in the video game where you will do it want kommen sie return to your psychic labyrinth, so learning a rapid way kommen sie kill yourself ist actually handy in the long run. Very couple of events it seems ~ to schutz long term negative effects, and I got many an ext stat increases than shed points von just throw myself right into situations.

Parting Tips

Intellect (or a buddy v high intellect) ist important zum a good many von the optional stat checks you’ll run into. It’s absolutely worth having a couple of points yourself, or, at the very least, hanging roughly with someone else who smart. That’s probably why Torment: Tides von Numenera gives you two potential Nano companions ideal from ns beginning.

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Someone with ns Healing skill kann restore much more health through healing items 보다 someone without it, dafür consider having actually a specialized healer an your group too. Erritis comes with Healing, but he’s also likely zu be law most of your fighting (if she finding yourself in combat), deshalb he’s not necessarily die best choice.