The Toshiba Canvio Basics line zu sein one von workhorses. They"re a little slow und can"t it is in used zum mass transfers, yet they stick roughly forever und are pretty cheap, too. Inspect out our full Toshiba Canvio Basics review zum the details.

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Even that has a few issues. Us tested ns Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB drive, which features a 5,400 rpm turn disk. Though die plastic shroud kann sein protect that from a couple of falls, anything beyond that möchte likely render ns drive useless. A Canvio Basics drive ist meant kommen sie be on die go, but be sure to treat it through care.

The drive supports Windows and macOS, yet only fenster out des the box. The drive is formatted bei that way, deshalb using it with macOS will require you to reformat ns drive, which, unfortunately, Toshiba doesn’t tell freundin how kommen sie do.

Toshiba Canvio Basics Setup

Instead des using plastic inserts or cheap bubble wrap, Canvio Basics drives come packed in the traditional, firm bubble packing that spinning hard drives space shipped in. That makes sense considering lock spinning drives, however we’ve seen competing drives, such together Western Digital Elements, ship bei flimsy plastic shrouds (read our west Digital aspects review).

The aspects drives are ns best point of comparison since they essentially look die same as ns Canvio Basics drives. Die Toshiba drives have a flat top, while the Western Digital drives space curved, but, zum the many part, they’re the same. Likewise, freundin get a USB micro type b to form A cable in the box.

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However, yes a difference, und that’s a lack von feet on the bottom von the drive. Those feet don’t aid a lot, however their absence shortens ns already vulnerable life des portable, spinning hard drives. If you looking zum a portable drive that tun können stand up zu anything, check out our LaCie rough Mini review.

When us plugged die drive right into a fenster 10 laptop, it was detected immediately, as shown by the blue activity led on top. The drive was automatically named und assigned a journey letter. Outside des a .pdf document detailing ns one-year limited warranty, which you kann learn about in the “warranty und support” section below, the drive was blank.

Toshiba Backup und Security Tools

Unfortunately, Toshiba no include back-up or security utilities with the Canvio Basics drives. There space no tools on Toshiba’s website, either, deswegen if you interested in purchasing a drive kommen sie backup your computer, you’ll oase to go with one more strategy.

A Canvio Basics journey can still be part des that procedure — bei fact, as you tun können read in our 3-2-1 backup rule guide, it need to be — yet it won’t take place automatically. Instead, sie should invest in an online back-up provider, such together Backblaze, which ist one von the best online backup services, as you can read bei our Backblaze review.

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As for security, sie better oase a for sure antivirus laying around. Without password security or encryption, die Canvio Basics drives room as breakable as anything. If freundin aren’t secure, check out our Bitdefender review.