After die rest day, stage 10 ist the perfect opportunity zum dropped riders kommen sie gain time, presume weather doesn’t pat a factor.

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Stage 10 - Albertville zu Valence - 190.7km - Tuesday, July 6

After Monday’s well-deserved remainder day, die Tour de France departs ns Alps top top a standard transitional stage, heading southwest from Albertville zu Valence, near the Massif Central. The race won’t enter those tricky climbs, however, instead just tracing die edge of the region en course to ns finish.

There’s a lang history des riders inexplicably having actually a bad day after the first rest day (the dreaded “jour sans”). But ns route itself poses couple of difficulties. There’s just one modest climb, die Category 4 Col juni Couz, bei the zuerst third of the stage, und then a klein uncategorized bang leading to ns intermediate acceleration stage. After ~ that, it’s mostly flat, with just one more unranked rise coming hinweisen 155km, with much more than enough time zum any dropped riders to regain ns bunch.

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After a gentle descent, the tonnage 5km room dead-flat und untechnical except zum the unsure decision von race organizers zu put die finish heat 200 meter after a in open, right-hand curve v a roundabout. It’s a large roundabout and likely won’t pose any type of problems, but there’s definitely a squeeze as die road narrows, and it would’ve been just as easy kommen sie put the finish heat 500 or so meters earlier. This ist the kind of kurse design that leads riders to ablehnen what lock think is a callous disregard zum their safety.

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That’s every on paper, des course. Bei the echt world, weather dram a role. And while the forecast for Tuesday can change, right now it’s a wenig spotty. There ist a most likely head and head-crosswind von up to 10 mph, but gusts might be more powerful And, there’s a decent wahrscheinlichkeit of thunderstorms weil das the finish in Valence.

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Should those conditions materialize, it möchte make zum a tougher day of racing top top what need to otherwise be a no-stress stage. The head/crosswinds möchte work versus any breakaway attempts. If the pack zu sein all together, mean lots von jostling as riders try zu stay hoch front zu avoid getting caught out if the kopieren, gruppe splits right into echelons in crosswinds. Crashes, and gaps, are likely an those situations, and it’s impossible zu say just how it can play out.