Stylish, efficient und a joy to drive, Corolla is in icon weil das the modern-day age. Every little thing your lifestyle und whichever human body type freundin choose, you"ll advantage from self-charging hybrid powertrains.This ist the zuerst time Toyota has readily available a choice of two mischung engines - a 1.8 litre Hybrid und a 2.0 litre mischung Dynamic force engine - zum the very same model. Through all the advantages of the Toyota New global Architecture (TNGA) platform, Corolla takes sie on a spirited drive.

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The anfang of an exciting new era for the world best-selling car.

Enjoy ns car that renders driving fun. Feel the difference as shortly as you get behind the wheel, with its stylish interior, excellent handling und stability making the drive even much more rewarding.

Built to deliver more

At Toyota, we’re committed kommen sie making ever much better cars. Corolla zu sein built on Toyota’s advanced new TNGA design platform, delivering a important satisfying drive. A an ext rigid body and low centre des gravity come together kommen sie reduce human body roll wie man cornering, while ns double wishbone suspension absorbs shocks an ext effectively, for a smoother ride.

Designed to impress

The zuerst thing freundin notice around Corolla ist its bold and dynamic exterior. In attractive low bonnet offers it a sleek, dynamic profile, which ist enhanced von sporty 18" alloy wheels.

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A sense von style

Our designers have chosen a combination of high quality products that look stunning together – and deshalb provide a pleasing variety of textures. An all-black watch gives die interior a sporty feel, or you kann choose a kühl grey the underlines the spacious und uncluttered design. Stylish sport seats complete the look perfectly.


You"ll love the spirited drive des the neu Corolla

Toyota Hybrids room a pleasure kommen sie drive. Spirited und responsive bei the city, die 1.8 litre mischung engine offers a tranquil drive. The neu 2.0 litre hybride Dynamic force engine delivers also more power without compromising on die smooth drive. Whichever sie choose, both conserve fuel and reduce emissions, falling to zero wie man you drive on electric power alone.


Sit back and relax

The cabin of the neu Corolla has actually been designed about your comfort. Sports seats wrap approximately you kommen sie hold freundin firmly bei place, keeping freundin comfortable on lang journeys. Die steering position has to be designed to feel as herbal as possible, helping zu avoid fatigue. Steering-wheel mounted switches for driving, infotainment und audio controls let freundin keep your hands an one place, while a steering wheel heater keeps them warme on cold days.


Smart and practical

The neu Corolla Touring Sports gives you the space sie need, where freundin need it. It makes the rear passengers nur as comfortable as the people bei the front. That generous boot space will rechts everything an thanks to bei adjustable deck board, handy side pockets und easily folded behind seats. Wie you need to offen the boot with her hands full, just slide your foot under the rear bumper, with die hands-free absent sensor the boot door opens automatically.

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Safety zu sein never just an option – it’s standard

Toyota security Sense is standard throughout every Corolla, due to the fact that your safety zu sein essential. This distinctive safety system includes an array of updated safety attributes that provides driving easier, while maintaining you und your passengers even safer.