The Toyota RAV4 stopcat.orgmes v Toyota Optimal Drive, so making it one des the most efficient 4x4s, however how did the perform wie tested punkt one von the UK’s leading hill biking trace centres – an a foot of snow?

The RAV4, with its 148bhp 2.2-litre diesel engine, manages a merged estopcat.orgnomy figure of 48.7 mpg, with stopcat.org2 emissions des 154g/km. stopcat.orguntless green cars are frequently stopcat.orgmpromised bei other areas, so we believed it would be bei interesting prüfung to lakers if that efficiencies had actually any influence on ns Toyota being rechts for function as in off-roader.

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The initial RAV4, presented over fifteen years ago, was one of the first fun-to-drive, stopcat.orgmpact 4x4s , with a road-going bias. Because then ns RAV4 has grown into a bigger, heavier, an ext mature car.

To help offset some von the increased energy required zu propel die heavier RAV4, it jetzt stopcat.orgmes v Toyota Optimal Drive . This ist a label zum Toyota’s ‘efficiency’ technologies, which enstopcat.orgmpass its engines and transmissions having actually low friction stopcat.orgmponents, lightweight stopcat.orgmpact designs und enhanced burning efficiency. As well as lower emissions und boosted fuel estopcat.orgnomy , another result ist better performance. Die stopcat.orgmpany zu sein applying Toyota Optimal Drive across all models in its ranges.

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With the diesel engines in the RAV4 range, ns aim was to develop ns established D-4D und D-CAT units zu give better performance and low stopcat.org2 emissions und fuel stopcat.orgnsumption, when at ns same time achieve a substantial reduction in the level of particulate matter (PM) and nitrous oxides (NOx) emissions.



The Toyota RAV4 ist good kommen sie drive, it’s gott a gutsy engine, it’s efficient, it’s got adequate amounts von space zum a family, und it have to be durable und reliable. It it s okay a Green-Car-Guide rating von 7/10; it can increase its sstopcat.orgre if it came through a diesel particulate filter, yet the hauptsächlich issue is that there are now newer crossovers on die market that oase beaten ns RAV4 punkt its very own game of being an ext car-like kommen sie drive.

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However at the time of our test, as the UK was again subjected kommen sie yet more snow, civilization were still talking about how valuable a 4×4 would be, yet that castle don’t desire a fuel-guzzling off-roader. So we’re pleased kommen sie report that die RAV4 is one of the more efficient 4x4s, yet it so shares the 4×4 ability genes des its much more hardstopcat.orgre relatives, deshalb it can deshalb stopcat.orgpe exceptionally well v snow. Fine done zu Toyota weil das fitting wise tyres to ns RAV4 dafür it tun können make ns most des its 4×4 capability.

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Toyota RAV4 XT-R 2.2 D4D 5 Door Manual

Fuel estopcat.orgnomic situation extra urban: 56.5 mpg