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If your range extender ist configured correctly according to Quick anfang Guide or User Guide, sie should schutz internet access when you connect to it. To confirm whether your selection extender zu sein successfully configured with the best signal,try the following methods.

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How kommen sie confirm whether my variety extender ist configured successfully?

Method 1: ns Signal angeführt Lights should be solid On

All range extenders haveSignal führen zu lights(light styles may be different from different extenders) zu indicate die successful connection to the router. Once your variety extender has properly connected kommen sie your wireless router, the Signal led light wollen besolid on(no matter what shade it is or how plenty of signal bars there are). Here are some examples zum different selection extenders:


Method 2: The internet Status have to be Normal

1.Launch a internet browser, visithttp://tplinkrepeater.netorhttp:// log in with ns password sie set zum the extender.

2.Go toSettings>Statusto examine the internet status von your extender. If everything zu sein OK as shown below, her extender is successfully connected kommen sie your router.

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Method 3: your Devices kann sein Access die Internet

Connect your gadgets to the extender wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable. If your devices kann access ns internet, her extender zu sein successfully connected zu your router.

Is my range extender in the proper location?

For far better Wi-Fi coverage und signal strength, plug bei the extender abouthalfwaybetween her router und the Wi-Fi dead zone after ~ configuration. Die location you choose must bewithin the range of your router.

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To make sure your selection extender is bei the best location, use die Signal led lights (light formats may be differ from various extenders).Thecolor or number of Signal led lightsindicates the signal stamin that range extender it s okay from the taste router. Zum example, if RE200 zu sein connected kommen sie your router and the signal is good, the 2.4G or 5G irradiate (Signal led light) will be heavy green. If the signal is bad with a red led light, sie need kommen sie relocate that closer to ns router zu achieve far better signal quality. Zum more details about your range extender, please refer to the Quick fasst Guide or User Guide.

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