RE500 , RE270K , RE400 , RE505X , RE305 , RE205 , TL-WA860RE , RE350 , RE360(FR) , RE210 , TL-WA865RE , RE650 , RE550 , RE450 , RE230 , RE350K , RE455 , RE355 , RE370K , RE590T , TL-WA850RE , RE580D , RE360 , RE200 , RE380D , TL-WA854RE , RE220

This short article mainly introduce how kommen sie configure und use ours range Extender properly. And deshalb we provide ns solution or method von trouble-shooting zum some typical issues.

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This article consists of the complying with chapters, you re welcome refer to relevant chapters follow to ns problems freundin encounter.

Q1.1:How kann sein I set the extender up?

A:We have a setup video weil das your reference zu set that up, clickhereto check die video.

Or you kann check ns step von stepinstructions durch one of thefollowing FAQs:

Via Tether APP

Via net management page

Via WPS button

Q1.2: how to set die range extender up as in Access point?

A:Clickhereto see the comprehensive instructions.

Q1.3: How kommen sie determine whether we oase configured RE successfully or ns Range Extender is in a appropriate location?

A:After ns configuration, how do we recognize whether we have configured it successfully? just how do we know it is bei a proper location deswegen that ns Range Extender can perform die best kommen sie extend die range des the present wireless network? you re welcome refer kommen sie FAQ:

How kommen sie use my range Extender correctly after effective configuration?

Part2Troubleshooting on variety Extender

Q2.1:Why i can't see my extender's network ~ configuration? Extender_XXXXnameis zum configuration. As soon as we set die extender up, the will oase a new Wi-Fi name.For part models, they have the very same Wi-Fi benennen as her existing Wi-Fi name. Weil das the others, _EXT wollen be added punkt the ende of your existing Wi-Fi name. However you kann sein always create your own neu Wi-Fi name.

For example, if her existing Wi-Fi name ist ABCD, ~ configuration, die possible prolonged network names may be ABCD, ABCD_EXT, ABCD_EXT_5G orthe one freundin create by yourself.

If you want to change the extended network name, you re welcome refer kommen sie this FAQ:

How kommen sie find or change die wireless settings of variety Extender

Q2.2:What should i do if ich failed zu set ns range extender up?

A:Clickhereto inspect more einzelheiten about ns troubleshooting process.

Q2.3:What kann I execute if the internet speed is slow when connecting to the range extender?

A:Clickhereto seen the comprehensive troubleshooting steps.

Q2.4:What tun können I carry out if the internet connection is unstable wie connecting to ns range extender?

A:Clickhereto seen more tips weil das the stormy issue.

Part3: various other questions about variety Extender

Q3.1:Can the range extender arbeiten with a router/access point?


Q3.2:Do ich need zu reconfigure ns range extender when relocating it?

A:No. Ns settings schutz been stored into the extender, a normalerweise restart will not delete die settings und there ist no need kommen sie reconfigure it.

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Please reconfigure the when the host Wi-Fi network settings oase been readjusted or the range extender has been reset to ns factory defaults.

Q3.3: Do ich need kommen sie reconfigure the range extender when i change die router or change die router’s Wi-Fi settings?


Q3.4: can I change the extender's Wi-Fi name

A:Yes, we tun können change die extended Wi-Fi nennen to every little thing we like.Clickhereto check the instructions zu change the via die web monitoring page.And clickhereto check die instructions zum Tether APP.

Q3.5: can I have a various Wi-Fi password on the extender?

A:No. Die extender copies ns Wi-Fi password indigenous your host Wi-Fi network. If you'd favor to oase a different Wi-Fi password, please adjust it top top your hold router/access point, then reconfigure ns range extender.

Q3.6: can I use an ext than 1 variety extender in the house?

A:Yes, we recommend having actually 1-2 variety extenders in one network zum better performance. If you schutz 2 range extenders in the network, you re welcome make sure that the range extenders room both connecting to the host router's Wi-Fi network directly. Please set the second extender up die same means as the zuerst one.

Q3.7: Does Repeater assistance Mesh?

Our OneMesh compatible variety extender support to create a mesh with Router.

Click here kommen sie find die compatibility list des OneMesh products.

Q3.8:Can ich connect Repeater to die router von Ethernet cable?

You need a repeater the supports access point mode, like RE650, RE450, etc.

Here zu sein the instruction kommen sie set nach oben repeater as access point:

Wie tun können man ns Range Extender als Access allude konfigurieren (neues Logo)?

Q3.9: Can ich use die repeater together LAN output only if i don’t want a wireless network?

No, yet you can look zum a maker that support “client” mode, choose TL-WR902AC.

Q3.10: can I copy die wireless settings of the repeater through my router?


Q3.11: tun können I produce mesh connection with repeater and Fritzbox?

No, OneMesh compatible repeater tun können only create a mesh with the router.

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Q3.12: kann I set hoch repeater without the router wireless password?

Yes, you kann sein use ns WPS taste to collection up ns repeater.Via WPS button

If you need much more than 2 range extenders, please take Deco gadgets into your consideration. Clickhereto know more about Deco.